If you neglect, you have to move forward without breaking.

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In every word he hurts you so much that you can't stand it. But you can't tell him anything for fear of losing him. You're afraid you won't lose him. You are afraid that someone else will leave you. Make fun of her every feeling, every emotion. And you want to make your relationship better. But if this relationship seems to be hanging around your neck, tear it up, let it go. You take care of her little things. And he questions your every love, he doesn't want to hear anything from you. Then you are giving birth to a misery, not love.

Every day you kill your self-respect and apologize to him. He blames and you feel guilty. Even after he insults you so much, you find your place in his mind. But if this road is taking you away from your goal, then change the road, leave him, he will do as he pleases if you call him love. You always have to die to make him feel special. How long will you be afraid of losing him? You give your heart to him and he kicks you so that you get hurt and you break.

You always want to control yourself and make yourself small and fix everything. You have no qualifications to accept or accept your love. And if you want to be happy now, tell him you're not worthy of me. You also know that you deserve to have someone better than him. So you're taking the wrong thing?

You are still bowing your head to save the relationship. But one day you will end up doing Rose Mathanat. Brother better go home to him that will cost you.

Finally, today's articles are for both boys and girls. You can see it for yourself. Girls are not always wrong and boys are not always wrong. Sometimes boys are wrong and sometimes girls are wrong. Never again is the situation wrong. So let's do something big together.

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