There is still a lot to know about life.

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  1. Sit next to your wife for 1 minute, you will understand that life is very difficult.
  2. Sit next to the drunk for 10 minutes, you will understand that life is very easy.
  3. Sit for 3 minutes with the saints, you will want to retire by donating everything.
  4. Sit with politicians for 4 minutes, you will understand that all your studies are useless, useless.
  5. Sit with a life insurance agent for 5-10 minutes, realizing that it is better to die than to survive.
  6. Sit down with a trader for 6 minutes, you will understand that your earnings are nothing.
  7. Sit with a scientist for 6 minutes, you will understand that the worst in you is due to your ignorance.
  8. Sit for 6 minutes with a good teacher, you will want to come back as a student.
  9. Sit 9-minutes with a farmer or worker, you will understand you do not work hard.
  10. Sit 10-minutes with a soldier, you will realize your work and sacrifice is extremely disgusting.
  11. Go to the graveyard for 10/11 minutes.
  12. Sit for 10 minutes with a good friend with a positive attitude, generous mind, your life will feel more beautiful than heaven.
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