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Finally I @etainclub release the test app for Android devices.

Download link for Android


  • Only android devices are supported
  • Since it is not an official app, you have to allow the 'install app from unknown source'
  • I have not included the terms and privacy in the test version. The following data are stored in the server.
    • Phone number for the one time password
    • Push notifications settings
    • Do Not Disturb time settings
    • Bookmarks, Favorite authors
  • In case of low resolution of screen, the contents may not be shown properly.
  • You have to restart after installing the app (I will figure this out soon)
  • There is a 5% beneficiary cut to manage push/user database. 5% of author reward goes to @letsblurt.


If you swipe the screen from left to right, you can see the sidebar where you can find the settings.


You can set push notifications here!



  • If you find any bugs and have opinions for improvements, please leave comments below or contact @etainclub
  • For the official release, I will prepare repository for issues and feedbacks.

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I kinda have browser issues too. But since @jacobgadikian helped me with some instructions then then it's perfectly fine now. Still thankful for this blurt app. Cheers to it's fuure success.

Awesome features.

Thanks a million. You've saved us the browser issues.