A blossom walk through Akiha-Park 👹🍣🎎 Wonderful Japan

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Let's go out together today and enjoy the beauty of nature, which has been around and embracing us for the last few days. This time we are going to a park that stretches over a group of hills and which had already lured me there a few times.

Normally, the cherry trees here always bloom a little later, probably because stand a little higher and are partly also quite protected by other trees. Therefore, we have kept us another little higlight for the time, when most of the other trees have already losing their blossoms. We didn't come with the perfect timing this year, because some of the trees were shedding their blossoms and starting to pave the way for new leaves. But fortunately we still found some nice spots, as this great park has enough to offer at other times as well. And since it's spring and it's finally getting really green again, it was also just nice to have been outside in the fresh air, and to watch nature thrive again.


Up close or from far away, nothing can beat the glory of those blossoms. That's why I just can't resist to marvel about all the beauty around me.


From the very top, you have a good wide view over the lowlands ahead with their villages and rice fields in between. In a few weeks, the many brown patches will turn into some huge expanse of water from which until the end of summer the rice will grow. When you then drive through the countryside, it will shine in green and yellow from all sides and you will get a completely different feeling for this stretch of land.


But we're not there yet, right now the fields need to be prepared for seeding first. This private land here too, which is located on the top of the hill will be replanted soon. The cherry tree overlooking the whole area is already beyond its peak, but even now this scene has a very attractive effect on me. I could really imagine settling down here myself.


But it was still blooming. We then found a great tree that still had plenty of flowers hanging from its top. A great place for a little break and a picnic in the nature.


If you look carefully, you can't miss those beauties. Although many blossoms had already found their way down, on top of the trees there were still some crowded places to be found.


In various shades and hues, the cherry blossoms continue to cling to their strong branch and seem to want to enjoy the glorious weather with us. Especially when the sky is blue, they manage to show their most beautiful side. Hopefully they have a few more days to shine there together.


We then also went on a little walk through another part of the park. There you can visit a Japanese garden, which once again managed to fascinate me and invite me to take a break.


It always looks different depending on the angle, and of course the season and the light also have a great influence on the scenery. Standing here, there is no need to be in a hurry anymore, you are welcome to stay around for a while. And that's why we also paused for a moment to really take in the mood and energy that emanates from this place.


The next time we visit, this place will look different again, and the many cherry blossoms will have given way to a dense canopy of leaves. Nature is just starting to really unfold and I'm glad to be able to watch it happen over and over again. And that's why we'll be back soon and then we will gladly accept an invitation for another round. I am already looking forward to....


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Schön. Bei dir sind immer noch die Kirschbäume aktiv. Hier leider nicht mehr, dafür wachsen im Moment die bunten Rhododendren🐝

Blühen tun sie leider auch nicht mehr, aber ich habe noch ein paar Bilder, die ich unbeding teilen will. Hier blühen gerade die Azaleen, ist auch wunderbar! Ich wünsch dir noch einen angenehmen Sonntag, hier ist er jetzt bald vorbei...