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Hello everyone, Goodevening …. This is my introductory post to Blurt.
I was introduced and registered by @obikay and @chibuzorwisdom . I was registered on the 19th of September which is on a Sunday but because of unforeseen circumstances I am making my introductory post now, better late than never!!!
So here are some few things about me.




My name is Meribe MaryMagdalene Ogochukwu Faustina. I am from Amibo Ubakala Umuahia south LGA Abia State Nigeria. My mother is from Awgu in Awgu local government Area of Enugu State. I am number 4 out of a family of 5. I am the second daughter of my parents. My dad left us at a very tender age. He was ill for 7 years before he died so I practically didn’t enjoy fatherhood because he took ill when I was just 3years old, and he died when I was 10years old. My mother is still alive and still I’m Grateful to God everyday for that.




I gained admission to study Biology Education in Micheal Okpara University of Agriculture umudike in Abia state in 2014. It was supposed to be a 5year course since I’m doing it under part-time. I’m suppose to graduate 2019 but both strike and COVID-19 postponed it to 2021😂…. So yes I am still in my finals… thanks to gbas-gbos 😂




I am a Fashion Designer. 💃💃. My business name is Tripple-M. I coined the name from my name Meribe MaryMagdalene🙈🙈🙈🙈. I learnt fashion and design in 2018 I was in my 3rd year by then I guess😒😒. And by the Grace of God, I have progressed massively. I don’t have a shop yet (cost of shop too dey high for this school area ooo😂)… I sew from my house. I have a business card, customized nylons, Instagram and Facebook page for my business. But I sha still believe that “WHAT GOD CANNOT DO DOES NOT EXIST” 😎😎




My hobbies includes … Sewing! sewing!! sewing oooooo!!! another sewing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Swimming, dancing, acting, singing, traveling, and of course EATING 🤣🤣( very important)




I am a very jovial and playful sombori (eh heh nah)🤣
My nickname is MMM (not the one your mind is telling you now oo🤣) I am accommodating, vibe bringer, life of the party, gbedu goddess 🤪. Your will never experience boredom if i am involved🙈, I am a team player and critical thinker but most of all I am a Tongue blasting Christian 🙏
And ohhh I forgot to add one very important one…..




I hope to connect with the great minds on Blurt, learn from them and also add my knowledge and skills . I am a very open minded person who likes adding impact to every and anywhere I am. I believe my presence here will be impactful🙈🙈🙈

Thank you so much @obikay and @chibuzorwisdom for introducing me to this community

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Welcome to blurt and #blurtafrica

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Nice to read from you. Have a wonderful time here on Blurt.

Thank you sir. I still need some guidance also because I’m a novice

Thank you sir. I still need some guidance also because I’m a novice

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Thank you sir

Receive the best of welcomes to the Blurt family, it is always nice to meet people from all over the world, we wish you the best of success.
Good vibes.

Thank you Ma….. I wish to learn more also

Welcome to the Blurt! Please follow us on Twitter-, Telegram-, Join our Official Discord server- Here

Your welcome to blurt community my dear. Your introduction post is so nice. I enjoyed reading it. Enjoy your stay in blurt,
Feel at home

Thank you sir

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