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Hi, My name is Balvinder Singh and I am from India. This account I have created to share my posts from and some coding blogs from other resources here with you all.
I am a blogger and a full stack developer working with as the lead full stack developer. In my free time I do blogging on, medium, and dev.
Its nice to be here with you all and community. I look forward to work with the community.


Sharing some images of my blog

Screenshot from 2021-09-16 00-10-29.png

Screenshot from 2021-09-16 00-11-39.png

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Hey @tekraze please will you join and contact me in DM. @megadrive alias in the Blurt Discord, but @thecryptodrive#8144 is my underlying username

Yeah sure, I am already on discord. Will message you .

Welcome to blurt , i am happy to see more people coming from India to blurt.


Welcome to Blurt!

You can check out our Gitlab if you're interested:

Thanks, I will have a look. Trying to get idea how Steem blockchain works

Apart from a few differences. Blurt, Hive, and Steem work pretty much the same way. I have programs that interact with them, and for the most part, the same script will work with all three and all that is needed is to connect to the correct node. My auto-vote bot work for Blurt, Steem, and Hive with very little modification.

Thanks for the info, I actually know programming but have not worked with blockchain before, so getting basics. Once covered I will be ready to go, and thanks for letting know. Once I have some good blurt power, will try a voting bot.

Welcome to Blurt!


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You can request a vote every 12 hours from the #getupvote channel in the official Blurt Discord.Don't wait to join ,lots of good stuff happening there.


Welcome to Blurt.


Excellent. You’re going to love Blurt. Lots of great developments in the works.

I am already loving it

Welcome to Blurt … happy blogging !


Welcome to Blurt! Another full-stack dev! If interested in doing some dev contributions, please don't hesitate to reach out to @megadrive, one of Blurt's co-founders.

Again, welcome to Blurt!

Thanks , I will surely check and see wherever I can contribute

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