My Introduction to Blurt

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Hello friends,

Welcome to my blog, this is as regard to my introductory post to this awesome community.

About Me

My name is Ononiwu Joel Chinemerem, I am aged 23, I am from Imo State in Nigeria but I live in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. I am an undergraduate studying Computer Science in University of Port Harcourt. I am also a graphics designer and into web development. I am a very honest and peaceful person by nature, and I’m also something between an introvert and extrovert. I love working and earning online too.

My Hobbies

*Music (karaoke)
*Web development
*Video games

I am very happy when I’m doing these. I am a professional graphics designer and printer with more than four years of experience. Below are few samples of my work.




My journey to Blurt
I have always been very active online reading and commenting on blogs and the social media but it has been difficult to find a reliable online community or platform where I can be working and earning. I have also contacted some platforms before but the same problem of reliability have always been there until a @r2cornell introduced me to Blurt as a reliable community and platform. He also helped me with the registrations and other processes to join this platform successfully and I’m very grateful for everything. So I’m now a full member of Blurt and writing my introduction.

Thanks for reading and do have a great day ahead

Cc: @r2cornell

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Thanks a lot @r2cornell

Welcome to blurt. I am in Accra and I curate posts tagged with #blurtafrica as one of the first two tags. Make it interesting and about Africa too.

Welcome to blurt. Amazing post

Hi, @ononiwujoel,

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