I am Megadrive!

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I hadn't yet posted on Blurt because I had not found the right words.

I wanted my first post to be meaningful, passionate, and made to inspire.

A post to convey a sentiment that would touch the hearts and minds of those who read it; I waited for the right moment when my heart was aligned with my voice, that moment has finally come!

Some of you may know me as @thecryptodrive, first Steem witness in Africa and consensus witness for nearly three years, witness on Hive and CEO of BuildTeam.

I started my humble beginnings in the Graphene community as introducer of bravenewcoin.com to Steem and became their community manager, I went on to start the Steemdrive global billboard initiative to inspire the community to band together in support of real-world physical marketing, aimed at spreading awareness of Steem as the newbie gateway to cryptocurrencies and bitcoin.

I have been co-founder and/or acquisitor of Steemvoter, Steemsports, MinnowBooster, Quicksteem, TokenBB, and currently GINAbot and dlease.io, the first DEFI platform on Graphene DPoS.

@smooth, co-founder of Monero and major stakeholder of Steem and Hive, once referred to me as "Consensus Builder".

I stood with the community at great personal cost during the blockchain wars on Steem, which lead to the Hive fork. For a while, I had lost my Spark, my passion for innovation, and my identity.

I recalled from my childhood teachings, that when ordinary men became biblical leaders, oftentimes they were inspired to change their name to signify leaving behind the past and forging a new vision and future.

Abram became Abraham, father of many nations and Saul became Paul in honour of his changed heart.

I was once @thecryptodrive, but now as my Spark returns, I have become @megadrive!

I affirm, I am @megadrive!

Blurt restored my Spark, just by seeing the kindness and passion of those who helped us launch the chain, developed alongside us and helped each other along the way has shown me a good, wholesome and mutually supportive community can exist.

My once distant dream for the Steem blockchain social media platform has been revived on Blurt; a safe haven where our citizens cannot be downvoted or oppressed, where I stand as co-founder alongside @jacobgadikian and @baabeetaa of the Blurt SocialGraph Foundation, together protecting the gates of our noble kingdom.

The community kingdom of Blurt can and will be great, the shining example of what Graphene should have been. Carrying the values of a world of social liberty and fairness; to grow in market cap, not for self-gain but to empower the world, to participate in protest and agendas, to fund and reshape society as we know it today, for our sake and the sake of the children of the future!

We have been given an opportunity to grow a mighty oak from a seed, create ripples across the universe from the winds of butterfly wings beating in unison, our drums will sound as one.

I invite you all, bloggers, scholars, writers, and philosophers alike; leaders, influencers, investors, marketers, organisers; mothers, fathers, children; all genders, all colours, all nations; all people...to stand with us and make Blurt your Valhalla, Heaven on earth, Utopia, Oasis and destination of the future!

I am @megadrive! I am BLURT! Together we are BLURT!

Join us on Discord, post on blurt.world and be part of the #BLURT movement!

Follow @megadrive, @jacobgadikian and @socialgraph blogs for official updates.

Follow @blurtofficial on Twitter for contests, prizes, and popcorn news!

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  ·  2 months ago  ·  

Very proud to see you sir. Thank you for the blurt .

@megadrive Hello , I'm done casting my vote for witness

Just read this checking out witnesses. I feel the same it’s also given me new faith in what i always knew was possible

  ·  5 months ago  ·  

@megadrive welcome to the burt platform

  ·  last year  ·  

120x120 logo.png

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

Wow, @megadrive you're welcome.
You said some mind blowing stuffs here..
Valhalla here we go!!

  ·  2 years ago  ·  


  ·  2 years ago  ·  

Greetings! @megadrive

Wow! I feel so motivated reading through this piece of writing.

I must and will always commend you for always believing, reviving and actualizing your distant dreams of the Steem Blockchain social media here on the Blurt Blockchain Community with other co-founder @jacobgadikian and @baabeetaa.

Being a part of Blurt Blockchain is such an opportunity that you've created to impact so many human lives as possible on planet earth including my very own self.

In contribution to the great Blurt Blockchain platform, I do my best by writing good content posts on blurt and also talk to my friends on other social media to join the Blurt Blockchain Community.

I'm really honoured to be part of Blurt Blockchain Community. I must say, I'm grateful and really appreciate you and all those who have put in their time and resources to make this a reality.

Keep on with your good works and I wish you all the best!

Thank you sir! (Gracias)

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

Thanks for your kind words Vic, people like you make me want to try even harder to make Blurt great. Keep on being positive!

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

Greetings @megadrive, it's an honor to meet you I saw you for the first time in another platform, but I'm very happy to meet people I had already observed here in Blurt before.

I arrived recently and I'm getting to know a great place with wonderful people.

"I know your works, your love, your faith, your service and your perseverance, and that your recent works are greater than the first. Revelation 2:19

I am walking on this fabulous platform and meeting new people. Successes and many blessings 🙏

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

Hey thanks so much for that verse, it really means alot! Welcome to Blurt and I hope you enjoy our community. Blurt was created for people like you!

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

It will be, and I will strive to have the support of users like you. Thank you very much for the welcome.

It's time to have fun with BLURT

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

Wonderful introduction!
I want to make a mobile app for Blurt.
There are some progress; you can check here:

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

An inspiring post without a doubt, for someone emotional like me who has been landing in these clear blue waters, where by, the nature of their leaders based on honesty and simplicity (you are an example of this), generates a beautiful feeling of well being and security.
I have gone through many bifurcations and transformations, all of which I survived perhaps with that hope that all of us who, like me, love the creation of genuine and quality content, sustained by honesty and solidarity as well as mutual support, have.

Thank you for this beautiful publication, it was worth your time. I perceive you as the kind of fair and honest leader who desires the collective progress of all his people without pettiness or personalistic greed.

I have been landing but you can count on me and my humble effort and work. A hug from Venezuela. Dear @megadrive

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

@marybellrg, many fraternal hugs to you across the oceans, I thank you for taking the time to read my post and appreciating its content. I am pleased to have good people join Blurt like yourself and @angelica7. It is true I desire the utmost wealth and prosperity for all that have made Blurt their home. Thank you for your kind efforts into making our community great.

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

나는 블러트의 출발을 축하하며, 블러트에 많은 관심이 있습니다. 나는 블러트를 위하여 나와 유저를 위하여 내가 할 수 있는 최선을 할 것이며 언젠가는 당신과 만나서 대화를 할 때가 있으리라 생각합니다. 당신의 꿈이 당신만의 꿈이 아닌 블러트인의 스티미언의 꿈이고 그 꿈이 실현되기를 바랍니다. 감사합니다.

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

@cjdns thank you for joining me on this amazing journey and I appreciate that you have made yourself part of this community. Blurt is the dream that Steem was supposed to be, you are welcome to talk to me any time, I am available on https://discord.blurt.world I look forward to making Blurt great with your help.

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

It is much peaceful here compared to the other communities and I hope that #Blurt thrives and be one of the best blockchains out there @megadrive :D

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

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Yes, the Bockchain war broke a lot and it wasn't like that anymore when I started. I'm still trying to post on Steemit and Hive, but oh good luck. So I decided to reduce my hive power and use it here in Blurt, which I currently see as the future of a community here. I can't say yet whether the Acc will follow Steemit. The only thing left to say is thank you for creating Blurt. Blurt ON

I. About to do the same I was trying to stay for vyb but can’t take it anymore. I didn’t really want to do that as never really like moving the tokens like that for respect between platforms but I just only get negative energy on hive now and it makes me become more negative just being there, so far I only found amazing peoples here who actually care about people as much as the chain.p

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

I'm glad you are enjoying Blurt, I believe it can be a safe haven for everyone who had bad experiences on Steem and Hive. I enjoy it very much as well, so much more easy going and less stressful :)

  ·  2 years ago  ·  


  ·  2 years ago  ·  

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My friend, I'm so happy to see you here. I'm finally here as well. I'm loving this environment already. Followed you few minutes ago.

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

Thank you, please enjoy Blurt and feel at home!

Hi @MegaDrive

I joined this platform just now and I am really excited to do something here on this new chain. Your words are inspiring and your words hit me hard.

When I joined Steem in 2017 I hardly knew what it was but soon I got demotivated with all the fighting and downvote wars. I wasn't as regular there as I wanted to.

I joined other platforms and tried to build a community there but it seems every time there is a good platform someone sparks a fight and ruins everything.

Well, I am here now, and reading your first post did give me some confidence about what kind of platform Blurt will be.

My long term wish of building a community where everyone helps each other and contrbute towards helping everyone always seems to end abruptly.

Should I give it another try here?

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

It is really great to have you on blurt @megadrive. Been following from stem before all the saga happened. This place will sure feel better having you here. 💯

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

Thanks for your kind words, I am already part of the furniture here :)

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

My Blurt Proposal to Curate and Promote the #offgrid community on Blurt ....


Reading your intro post makes me feel motivated and supercharge about Blurt.

What I really like about Blurt is that it's moving at a fast pace without too much friction. The social environment feels friendly and helpful.


  ·  2 years ago  ·  

Yeah I just powered up another 40K Blurt myself, it's moving fast I agree, one month ago we barely had a wallet. Only friendly people allowed on Blurt, I think it is in the T&C's :) :)

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

Wow, what an outstanding introductory post from a leader.

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

Wow @megadrive. I really feel like I am at the wheel of a transformer leader something close to megatron. I'm inspired by your hope for Blurt. I'm curious to see how things turn out here. Most of my friends from Steem and Hive haven't posted anything yet. I'm not sure but if a community grows the value of the network will grow.

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

You know Megaron is the bad guy right? :) The community will surely grow as long as nice people like you keep engaging on posts of other authors and help uplift them. All the best on your Blurt journey.

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

Hi @megadrive,

I like your post very much!
A lot of what you wrote, I felt before.
I had this impression of you and I had this feeling about you.
That's why I'm here.

Six days ago, I wrote this in my pub 1* please look below):

"My positive impressions on BLURT:
You can sense that this chain isn't burdened by the infighting between Steem and HIVE.
I can feel that the founders and developers are having fun and pleasure with their work. They seem fresh and not exhausted.
I feel that on BLURT a suggestion of a user is being considered. It will be responded to.
Yesterday @afrog passed on a small suggestion from me to the developer @ericet. I couldn't look at it that fast, as this change was already incorporated in the tools of @ericet. Here is a short comment: https://blurt.world/blurt/@ericet/qez2qs
What happened here in a few minutes would probably have taken 1 year on the Steem ;-) if at all the wish of a user had been taken into account.
Of course, this also motivates to get involved and to think along."

I am very happy to be here with you at the beginning (well, pretty much at the beginning)!

I just have a question for you:
Do you know of any social projects here at BLURT?
Since my votes are not so small now, I would like to vote for such projects from time to time.

I wish you the best and stay healthy! @double-u

PS: My Pub 1*) Soon I will explain for new guests here how my question and help page became a pub ;-) But it is still the question and help page.

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

Welcome to Blurt @double-u, I am very pleased that you are enjoying Blurt and have invested so much. It is really humbling to see someone get so involved in our project. I appreciate that you have had good feelings towards me, I had distanced myself from all the infighting between Steem and Hive, infact I have requested that the team not make any public statements from official accounts against either Steem or Hive.

I grew up on biblical stories and those of king Aurthur and his knights of the round table, my starsign is the Libran scales of justice and the number plate on my first car was VERITAS. This will give you some idea of what values are dear to me.

I agree that for me, Blurt is a fun project, definitely not as intense as the others. I value peaceful, positive and democratic interactions, I consider myself a crypto-diplomat in some respects.

I am very fortunate to have met co-founders @jacobgadikian and @baabeetaa, they have good values and value reputation and doing the right thing.

Regarding social projects, I recommend #blurtrides #blurtopian #blurtwomen #blurtsport #blurtafrica #blurtmob #ecoblurt #blurtech and #blurtcontests

All the best to you and I wish you a prosperous future on Blurt!

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

OK We Voted now join back up to the ADSactly Discord and help us Take Blurt to #OverDrive

We already have 6000 People in the Server many of them you already know @Cryptodrive just help us wake them up maybe some exclusive contests for ADSactly Verified Members and Helping us make up Some Blurt Bounties for anybody to participate in regardless if they are Part of #ADSactly or now.


We will be Converting this Discord to Private Discord when we reach 10K Members in The Main Discord and All Inactive Members will be sent to the Public Side of ADSactly by our Bot

Located at The http://ADSactly.World

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

Good idea, let's make up some bounties using sharebits.io for the Adsactly community. I will contact you in DM.

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

Nice to meet you, when I saw the picture I was thinking about optimus prime...

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

Who says I'm not him ;)

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

Then you must be from Cybertron :D

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

More like cyberspace :)

  ·  2 years ago  ·  


Plant the seed, and together grow strong.

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

If we all plant one seed, a forest will emerge!

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

I feel the genuineness of your motivation. I'm sure the loss of spark you felt was natural. Good to see you found it again. :)

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

I am glad to have met you on Blurt and was pleased to hear you were once part of the Utopian team. I am excited to see what you can do with the @blurtopian curation initiative.

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

Excellent presentation friend, I am very honored to meet you and to work on some things with you, again I am happy to read your great presentation very sincere and gratifying that everyone can know about your achievements, an improved version of Optimus Prime.

I hope I can continue working so that this platform continues to grow without hatred, much less empowerment of senseless wars.

I am @LanzJoseG

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

Hi @lanzjoseg, it has been a pleasure working with you on Steem, Hive and now Blurt, you are a man of valour and integrity and I am honoured to be your associate and friend.

Very well written, sounds like christmas ;-)
Glad to be part of the beginning.

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

Let's make Blurt great in time for Christmas!

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

A good contribution of personal mark, character but above all passion. The ction of being able to inspire others comes from the word when it becomes a verb and this in actions, therefore the congruence of our actions is important to gain credibility and respect.
Today, I am happy to know a little more about the human being that you are and what is inside you and for what you believe.
I am sure that many will come to Blurt to make this space a great family of creators of ideas and dreams that not only stay spinning in the universe, but also make real actions through constant work.
Best wishes to you and the entire team at Blurt.
May the energy begin to mobilize everyone's body in blurt, let it flow and shine to vibrate with joy and a lot of faith.

  ·  2 years ago  ·   (edited)

Thanks for your kind words @angelica7 and sharing the Blurt journey with me, we all love your energy and positive attitude on Blurt.

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

And there I was thinking your name was in relation to

  ·  2 years ago  ·   (edited)

It's an awesome name, it has nostalgic ties to the Sega Megadrive console, related to cars, Transformers and also to driving innovation, not just in crypto as my previous name suggested, but on a wider scale.

  ·  2 years ago  ·   (edited)

Thank you @megadrive for the boldness to embrace your dream. The community is solidly behind you and in our individual small ways will contribute to bring to reality the vision for the Blurt Social Blockchain.

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

Thank you for embracing our community, I have seen you very active and appreciate your contributions. Let's make Blurt great together!

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

Very passionate and inspiring!

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

That's what I was aiming for ahah!

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

@megadrive A truly inspiring read, indeed those biblical leaders went on to do great things which I am certain you will too.

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

Thanks for your kind words and involvement in our community @kristin89, we need more women leaders like you on #BLURT!