My presentation on blurt. - Mi presentación en blurt.

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Hi Blurt.

Hola Blurt.

My name is Kathe, I am 11 years old and I am the daughter of @ blessed-girl. Since my birthday in June, I told my mom that I wanted to post here on blurt but I felt like I didn't have much to post, but my mom encouraged me because I do have things to post, and classes will start soon and I'm sure I will have more topics to post.

Mi nombre es Kathe, tengo 11 años y soy la hija de @blessed-girl. Desde el día de mi cumpleaños en junio, le dije a mi mami que quería publicar aquí en blurt pero sentía que no tenía mucho qué publicar, pero mi mami me ha animado porque sí tengo cosas para publicar, además pronto empezarán las clases y seguro tendré más temas para publicar.

I like to paint in watercolor and also draw, I am always drawing something, my problem is that I get inspired and forget to take a picture of it when I am doing it that was one of my limitations to start publishing, but there are also other things that I can publish.

Me gusta pintar en acuarela y también dibujar, siempre estoy dibujando algo, mi problema es que me inspiro y olvido tomarle foto cuando lo voy haciendo esa fue una de mis limitaciones para empezar a publicar, pero también hay otras cosas que puedo publicar.


like crafts I am always making things with recycled material, especially for my little sister.

Me gustan las manualidades siempre estoy haciendo cosas con material reciclado, especialmente para mi hermanita.


I also like animals a lot, especially butterflies, when I go for a walk with my mother and my little sister I like to catch butterflies on the way and sometimes I catch little birds that stand at the window and I feed them.

Los animales también me gustan mucho en especial mariposas, cuando salgo a caminar con mi mamá y mi hermanita me gusta agarrar mariposas por el camino y a veces agarro pajaritos que se paran en la ventana y los alimento.


I also study violin and classes started yesterday, I will be able to share with you my practices in class and at home.

También estudio violín y las clases empezaron ayer, podré compartir con ustedes mis prácticas en las clases y en mi casa.


Aaaah and I also like selfies, I would like to post on #instablurt, but I don't know if Mr. @megadrive allows it.

Aaaah y también me gustan los selfies, me gustaría publicar en #instablurt, pero no sé si el señor @megadrive lo permita.

I hope you like my presentation and can visit my next posts. Thanks.

Espero que les guste mi presentación y puedan visitar mis próximas publicaciones. Gracias.

All the photos have been taken with my mother's or father's phone in Greater Caracas - Venezuela. Momma helped me make this post.

Todas las fotos han sido tomadas con el telefono de mi mamá o de mi papá en la Gran Caracas - Venezuela. (M imamá me ayudó a hacer esta publicación. )


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Beautiful art 🎨. Welcome on-board

thank you

Hello @kathe-art ,

🍀 Congratulations! 🥂

You got a 5 000 BP delegation for 4 weeks!
Has already been delegated,
say thanks to @michelangelo3 he has won the delegation,
but gave it to you

cheers from the pub lottery 🎱


Hello dear Kathe!
A warm and hearty welcome here on BLURT!
I know your dear and sympathetic mother here from BLURT, so I became aware of your post.
You wrote a really very nice introduction post.
I love paintings of children very much.
The painting with the sky and stars is beautiful. And you captured your mom very well in the portrait.
I will follow you now and am looking forward to your next posts.
Greetings, also to your mother

Thank you Thank you sir @double-u for coming to my post, I'm glad you like paintings, I like to paint.

I was happy to do that.
It is a pleasure for me.

Hola Kathe que linda eres, bienvenida a la familia Blurt, estoy segura que disfrutaras mucho de estar aquí en esta bonita familia.
Me alegra conocerte.
Buena vibra.

Hola, gracias, también estoy alegre de estar aquí. mucho gusto.

Hi Kathe,
a warm welcome to Blurt.
I also loves art and I will see what you show us in future!

Thanks for coming, I hope you like my paintings when I publish them. I am going to follow you

Hi Kathe, a very big and warm welcome to Blurt! You remind me very much of my own daughter in the interests and talents you have. Blurt is a cool place to showcase your art where it won’t get lost or forgotten.

We have given you the instablurt vote on this occassion but we are mindful that could be dangerous for children to post photos of themselves on the open internet and risks of kids being exploited for upvotes, which is why the instablurt account doesnt generally vote on childrens’ posts.

You are very brave and intelligent, I encourage you to post art, interests, writing and even audio files of your music. Just be careful with your identity and photos of yourself.

I hope you make alot of friends and followers here!

Thank you sir @megadrive for coming to my post and thanks for the recommendation.

Same here - a one-off big vote-hug... but be careful with the pictures. yeah, I know, adults do it - just be smarter than them ;-)

Hello thanks for the support and thanks for the recommendation

Hello Kathe,

I have rarely seen such a beautiful intro post and I am curious what you will show us in your blog. I'm taking a break here at the moment, but I'm sure I won't miss any of your posts.

I also like animals a lot, especially butterflies

Haha, look at my profile picture, I made it many years ago, guess it's older than you. So I also like butterflies a lot.

Dear Kathe, welcome to our colourful community and best regards to your mum.

Greetings from Bavaria

Hello, thank you for coming, if I like your photo, it was very beautiful. I'm glad you liked my presentation, Where is Baviera?

I just looked it up, Bavaria it's about 9000 km away from you. It's a federal state in Germany, just like Barinas in Venezuela, for example. Bavaria and Barinas sound similar ;-)

and where you live is hot or cold? yesterday the heat here was horrible, it seemed that we were inside an oven.

At this time of year we have a pleasant 20 degrees. On hot summer days we have over 30 and on cold winter days 30 degrees below zero. Well, it hasn't been that cold for a long time, but I have experienced it. At that time even the toilet drain was frozen, that wasn't so nice.

Now I hope that it will get colder for you soon, but not so cold that the drains freeze ;-)

oh oh aquí nunca hemos tenido tanto frío, pero sí mucho calor, mi casa parece un horno, estamos hoy en 32 grados. :(

jajaja It's true, they sound the same.
I looked on the internet and Bavaria is very beautiful, here in Vemezuela there is a German place, it is called Colonia Tovar, I liked it when my parents took me for a walk there, it is beautiful and cold, where I live is very hot and now we are in season very hot and I don't like it, But we fear for a long time that we will not go to Colonia Tovar, so long that my sister has never been there, and she is turning 5 years old today.

Bienvenido a Blurt. Es emocionante ver a gente de la comunidad presentando a sus hijos. Especialmente uno tan estimado como tu madre, por toda la buena voluntad que hace aquí.

Espero que encuentres Blurt de tu agrado, y que este sea el comienzo de una gran aventura para ti.

Welcome to Blurt. It's exciting to see people from the community introducing their children. Especially one as highly esteemed as your mother, for all the good will she does here.

I hope you find Blurt to your liking, and this is the start of a great adventure for you.

Hi sir @practicalthought thanks for coming, I like blurt.

Welcome to the Blurt! Please follow us on Twitter-, Telegram-, Join our Official Discord server- Here

thank you

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Great Introduction post… Thanks for adding the #blurtphoto tag.

thank you

You can share your music with #blurtmusic

ok, I will do. gracias.

Beautiful paintings …. Share your Artwork with #blurtart tag for extra upvotes from @blurtart

thank you so much @blurtart

yes, I will do. Thank you.

Wonderful. Incredible talent. Just like your mom @blessed-girl …. Welcome to Blurt #blurtlove

Oh thank you so much @blurtlove

Welcome to Blurt !


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