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Hello every one here!

I am very happy to introduce myself here on Blurt. My name is Hillary Byamugisha and because many friends of mine from outside my country can't speak well "Byamugisha" they usually ask me what this name means in English "Bless" this finally makes my name @hillaryvonbless.

I am a Ugandan male who studied a certificate in tourism hospitality and now working in the same industry with volcanoes safaris Uganda.
Allow me to take this great opportunity to thank @elkezaksek who directed me to Blurt.
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I live in the South western part of Uganda around the well famous lake Bunyonyi. I developed an interest of photography skills, mountain biking and doing charitable works inthe community and conserving nature to protect our wildlife and with such interest, I am now a good photographer specializing in nature and wildlife.
Below are some of the photos of me and nature photography


I spend most of my time in the Kigezi hills doing mountain biking that is my best physical exercise.
This is one of my favorite photo of the Golden monkey at one of the national parks of Uganda; Mgahinga gorilla National Park.
I would like to share more of my travels, photography and many other interesting stories with everyone here and make many more friends.

Below are my social media links where you can still view my recent contents



Have a blessed day and let us keep on blurt.

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Welcome to blurt @hillaryvonbless
Your character is amazing
You are a great man
Enjoy your stay here
I welcome you specially

Thank you so much @chibuzorwisdom

You are welcome bro

Welcome to the future Bro 💯. You will definitely love this place and dwell so well faster.

Be welcome on Blurt, you will see this is a very nice Community , with people having their hearts and tongues on their right spots !

Hello Hillary. So glad you have found Blurt. You come highly recommended, the testimony to your character glowing. Made more so by the highly esteemed person who gave such testimony.

Your occupation is one I've never met anyone doing before, even online. I've seen movies involving volcanoes, and from an early age I knew I never wanted to be on one or inside of one.

I'm curious if any of them are still active?

Seeing you on the hill on the bike brings back memories of my youth. I last rode one about ten years ago. One I bought at a yard sale and had my partner drive home while I rode the bike. I remember thinking with despair, wondering how I rode those things all day long as a child, lol. You have good health to do such a thing, I applaud you.

I look forward to your future posts, especially if you share some pictures with descriptions (hopefully vivid) of what we are seeing. So many here in the concrete jungles I'm obligated to live in believe we are more advanced than others in such places as you are at.

I look around and see all the nature we've destroyed and the illnesses our so called advanced tech has created and can see that natural is better in many cases than what passes for advanced. I dream of one day living a less advanced life, and through such journeys as those like yourself share, I can envision it as I wait.

Thank you so much @practicalthought I am really very glad to meet you here, and thanks for loving nature too. Yes, these volcanoes don't erupt (dormant) and they lie in the chain of the virunga mountains that are close to Uganda. However, we have the active ones in Democratic Republic of Congo( Mt.Nyiragongo and Mt. Nyamuragira) and these can be seen while here in Uganda but they don't affect us because we are abit far.

Thank you verry much for the great words you have shared. I will keep on posting more interesting stories and photos of nature, wildlife, and lifestyles here.

A warm welcome to BLURT!
I think this is a great introduction post!
But I had heard a lot about you before as well.
It's nice to have you here now.
Many greetings, @double-u

Thank you so much @double-u I'm also happy to meet such great people like you.

Hello and welcome to blurt and #blurtafrica. It is nice to have you an other from different parts of Africa. I hope you share more pictures from your work. I work in tourism in Ghana.

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Thanks @leifasaur I am glad to be here too

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Welcome to Blurt, it will be great to see the images of your walks and learn more about your country. We are sure that you will really enjoy being here.
Good vibes.

Thank you dear @angelica , It will be a pleasure and I am very happy to be here and meet such great people

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