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Hello dear friends on blurt, I'm Anderson Michelle and so glad to be here because I believe it's a good ground to have good friends and interact freely without any problems, I mean friends who will take me for who I am and appreciate me. I like people supporting others to make them grow. I like voyaging, singing and cooking as well. I'm glad to compose my first post here on blurt and I will say that I love photography and traveling too. Let me add that I like playing video games and it has been part of the since I was little. I enjoy watching football and favourite player is Ronaldo.





I have decided to follow some great people here and I will follow many and you are all free to follow me and especially those who have good heart and friendly. My journey on blurt is starting with this post and I am appreciating everyone in this great community and much love from me.






I have great desire to put my best in this journey of cryptocurrency and I believe I will learn from the gurus in the building. I have heard about so many cryptocurrency and I am starting with this one.





Great thanks to the great team of blurt, I believe they are doing a great work and giving us this great platform is Worth thanking them. Gods bless you all.


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Welcome to blurt world, nice pics you have 🙂

Welcome to the Blurt! Please follow us on Twitter-, Telegram-, Join our Official Discord server- Here

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Hey welcome to Blurt, please make yourself at home. You have a cute dog, hehe, someone should make a CHIWOW coin lol. Hey can you help out and also comment on other #instablurt tag posts, zi’d like to see more people engaging with each other. Nice to have posts with lots of comments, it’s a good look.

Thanks . I will engage with others and make good friends. Regards

Nice photos, Blurt opens its stalls to give you the warmest welcome to this home.
You can find the Blurt team on the Official Discord, in case you have any questions, we will be happy to provide you with collaboration.
We wish you the best to enjoy your stay with us.
Good vibes.

Welcome to Blurt.Blog!

Welcome to Blurt. The secret to Blurt is to Power up and earn from Curation. The more you give, the more you get.

I will always do that. Thanks for the warm welcome.

Awesome. How did you hear about Blurt ?

Excellent. Glad you joined us here. Blurt is the best.

I am glad to be here. Thanks

Welcome to Blurt. Awesome tattoos.

Thank you.

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Welcome to Blurt.Great photos. You’re going to love it here #instablurt

Thanks I appreciate.