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Hello #blurt!! I just wanted to take a few moments to introduce myself and note the start of my blog. Whilst (with varying degrees of success,) I've previously been blogging on #steemit and then the #hive platforms. After following my own path for the last year or so (and a concurrent self imposed literary exile) my shiny new #blurt account will mark a return to writing and journalistic investigation.

It was towards the end of last year that I discovered I had a #blurt account with a couple of thousand tokens at my disposal. After lurking for a while (whilst deciding whether to give up on social media and focus on creating my own site) I've come to really appreciate the vision of the platforms founders, the friendly open discourse, and altruistic ethos. Hence, I have since purchased and powered up another (near) 120,000 tokens, and am slowly but surely working towards a goal of one million.

Devon Walks28.JPG

Whilst my writing tends to focus upon deep dive explorations into the conspiratorial nature of our world, placing a key focus on (global to local) social control, psychological warfare, group psychology, technology, and occultic mendacity. I also adopt a chilled out approach to life, and with a love for nature, the great outdoors, and music, my serious scrutinisations will be interspersed with both the latter, and (amateur) photography infused musings from my hiking trips.

Personally, I value wisdom, intuition, discernment, and humility, over statistics and the perception of intellectual superiority. But hey, that's just me and each to their own.

To any new followers, whilst I'm not arrogant enough to proclaim I have all the answers, I can assure you I will asking some very interesting questions. To anyone that has previously followed me on either of the aforementioned platforms, I thank you for your support and will work hard to reward your patience.

On that note - I have a new series starting next week. Till then, have a lovely weekend. :D

Written by @perceptualflaws
Original pictures by @perceptualflaws


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welcome and enjoy blurt as much as you can , hopefully a fresh blood will make it a great platform 🙂

Thank you for the warm welcome -with us all working together, I have no doubt we'll all make a great platform. :)

I have the impression that you will provide us with interesting content.

Thank you my friend - hopefully I'll be able to maintain your interest. :)

Welcome here...

Thank you. :)

Welcome to Blurt!! We are hoping that you enjoy your stay here and have given you a little upvote to kickstart your journey.

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Thank you very much - I will look into your project with great interest. :)

Beautiful nature

Thank you - glad you enjoyed the pictures. :)

I am very interested in reading stories about you. From the experience that you have described, it makes me want to know more about you to increase my knowledge and experience, as well as add friends.
My greetings from Indonesia.

Thank you for the support my friend - a return greetings from a (not so) sunny England. :)

Hello sir how are you.your post is very beautiful.its near the nature. So lovely sight.i really like it .thanks a lot.

Thank you -I'm happy you appreciated the views. :)

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Thank you for the warm welcome and valuable information @helloblurt :)

Awesome. Welcome to Blurt. You’re going to love it here. I know I do.

Thank you my friend - I'm already loving it here, so off to great start! :) I hope to be able to add some value to the chain - and watch the platform grow from the strong foundations that it already has.

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Thank you @r2cornell-curate - your support is much appreciated. :)

About bloody time my brother from another mother.

Thanks my friend - really glad to see you over here, sharing your thoughts and perspectives. In terms of time - the overarching narrative of my series is about time - hence I've been biding my time and waiting until the timing is perfect. Or something like that! lol :D

Top tip, bookmark this, try to keep it above the 90% for better returns, you know the score, protect your investment and all brother from another mo. https://ecosynthesizer.com/blurt/@perceptualflaws

Whoops - yeah, thanks for the heads up dude!

No worries bro, just been out and saved a life, literally.

Bloody hell dude - what happened?

You read the post, but here is another. When I lived in Spain it was not for long, but one day I visited a restaurant/bar and when I came out there was a screaming mother, distraught, crying and half out of her mind, I asked her what was wrong then looked where she was looking, her daughter was hanging by fingertips over the edge of a cliff, I never thought twice, I climbed down, lifted her up and took her up in my arms to her mother, I would guess she was 6 years old. Seems where ever I go there is a mission, I never shirk it or walk on by.

There is a reason we are all here, got to love living life.

It doesn't bare thinking about what would have happened if you hadn't been there! Equally, you often hear stories about people having accidents or being attacked in broad daylight - and the public just walks by without batting an eyelid. I'm cut from the same cloth as yourself - there is no way I could walk past someone in need, and I both have and wouldn't hesitate to put myself in danger for doing so.

Welcome to Blurt I am glad you have decided to post here and very much looking forward to more from you.

Thank you my friend - glad to find you're also on here. Looking forward to getting started - it's been difficult biting my tongue and biding my time - but the timing, surroundings, and company, have inspired me to dive back into the deep end.

Hi, @perceptualflaws,

Thank you for your contribution to the Blurt ecosystem.

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Thank you for being part of a platform - I'm very happy to contribute to. :)

I am aware of you on hive. Read a few of your posts. Loved it.

looking forward to more on here.

Thank you for the kind words my friend - I can only hope to live up to them. I've got lot's of interesting/intersecting work coming up - and I'm really looking forward to sharing my thoughts, and research on #blurt.

Excellent!! I've missed your work!
120,000?! I thought I was hot stuff buying 4000. I'm gonna have some catching up to do.
I am so very happy to have you here.

Thank you @owasco - glad to be posting on the home I never knew I had, and really happy to find you're also on here - I'm sure we'll have lots to talk about. :D

As for the 120,000 tokens - I know we'll have our ups and downs -but I have faith in the philosophy of the site and am looking to accumulate as many as I can. Consider it a token gesture - really bad pun intended. lol

Looking forward to what you will be sharing. Welcome to Blurt.

Thank you for the warm welcome. I've been looking for somewhere that inspires my creativity and embodies the essence of free expression. #Blurt is that place - and any new work will be posted as a #blurt original.


Not a prob ... Glad you're here 😎🥓

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to ... Well, keep doing what you did so well on STEEM/HIVE... Only THIS time Make simple engagement more productive.

Like I for one plan on just going back to my fist article on that chain at some point and mapping it back here to BLURT to create a sort of income stream from the "published rights"... sort of how some novelists and authors are known to make royalties from past works.

I dont need Proposals nor permissions to get IT done THIS way 🙏👍

Thanks my friend - and #blurt is a richer place for having your contributions. Do you mean providing a link that directs it back to #blurt? I still have a fair few articles floating around the broader social media ether.

Yeah I'm beginning to hear you loud and clear. :)

You sir, have reminded me to do likewise. Especially since I can not think of what to write on any of my drafts. have serious mental blocks right now. Tried exercising, mass cleaning of the house, changed my diet, drawing, but my main skill i believe is in poetry.

Eh... we'll see.

Bsck to the drawing board.

i need to pain my walls of the inside of my house... i tend to draw on them sometimes lol. Maybe that is also blocking me from writing.

Thank you kindly - after keeping my mouth shut for the past year or so (no easy task lol) I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts and the investigations I've been working on. :)

for me it's been since 2017 lol since I saw a bunch of the ppl doing the downvoting bullying newbies and being general tyrants. No one saw it at all back then so I was truly on my own till now more people have seen it.

yes no kidding. It was like being able to breathe again. So much one wants to dhsre but we dont there because of fesr of beiing downvoted. I mean, yea its not about the money but we got to make a living too. Unjust system. I thank @lucylin for showing us blurt. I would not have noticed this platform without him.

A breath of fresh air - for sure! :D

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It is about the money tho lol the whole platform runs on economics and 90 percent of people on that blog wouldn’t continue if all their posts were worth zero. People like it because it changes theOr lives. I like it because it covers art materials and exhibition fees or nft uploads etc and takes some of the burden off the creation process. That’s why I like crypto in general. We need money to live, money is energy. Bullshit would those people be there if they wasn’t 0 on every post forever.


I didn’t even really say anything lol 🤣


You are going to love his posts, they are amazing.

Apreciate the positive feedback :D moral booster FTW

FTW buddy. :-)

Well spotted, what's wrong with people eh? Most of us just want somewhere to share our thoughts,art, and writing, if you like it cool, if you don't - no drama. Clearly the tyrants have way more time on their hands than most of us do. :D