My first blurt purchase from Ionomy

in instablurt •  4 months ago 

Before writing anything i would like to thank @offgridlife as he helped me out yesterday by not only answering to my questions related to how can i buy blurt but also writing a tutorial and explaining it.

I am really happy to meet such a nice person , so thank you offgrid. Now coming back to the topic , i set an buy order at ionomy and it is already filled. I am happy that my order was successful. this was my very first blurt purchase , i did not bought much but only 500 blurt.

There was a fees of 20 blurt that was charged to me so i had to buy 520 blurt in order to receive 500 blurt into my blurtwallet. I also checked that there is fixed fees on any amount we want to withdraw so i think the fees is not bad as if someone buying 10000 blurt will only have to pay 20 additional blurt for transfer.


This is also my one step closer to #bpud by @randula , i am collecting blurt until the 1st of February and then i will participate by powering up all my blurt on that day. I am really excited for that and i will try my best to collect more and more blurt by buying it on ionomy.

I am going to trade some of my crypto and use the profit to buy more blurt. Again before ending this post i would want to thank offgridlife for his help.

Thank You

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How long did it take to transfer from Ionomy to your Blurt wallet? I transferred a bunch earlier but it has been several hours and it seems to be stuff somewhere out in the void.... 😳

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Many congratulations to you on successfully purchasing blurt. All the best for #bpud , collect and Powerup and win great prizes on 1st Feb.

Good Job, Hope you will join feb 1st #bpud

The minimum amount of 500BP should be already in your wallet to eligible for #bpud as a contest. So don't forget to 148 Blurt before you participate #bpud and get eligible.

here are the guidelines and process

I could not understand , what is 148 blurt ? And i hope i can continue to buy blurt till 1st feb and then powerup all the amount at once and it will be counted , right ?

Currently you have 532 Bp in your wallet. To eligible for #bpud you need to have 500BP in your wallet before #bpud participation.

So you can powerup another 148 to reach 500 BP. And then you are eligible according to rules. You can powerup rest of the blurt on 1st of February for #bpud

I now have 500+ blurt power , see screenshot. Can I participate now ?


done. yes you can now. See you on BPUD

I think she wanted to say that your blurtpower should be 500 BP minimum only then you can participate in the #bpud. See the rules for participation.