The Future of Nightmares

in instablurt •  4 months ago 

I have been playing around with a new AI editing software called where you put in some words and it generates an ai image. I absolutely fell in love with a few of the images I created though and I wanted to use them as the basis for some art, because they were just so abstract. I decided to find a happy medium in the middle with redrawing over the top and editing parts of the image completely, the original is pretty low res so thats also necessary really, so it is a merge of human and AI art. The one I shared yesterday was colour edited and little edited, I went on to spend a further 7 hours in procreate to get to this stage. It's crazy sometimes what is barely visible to the eye at a quick glance can be a days worth of work lol. I should do some spot the differences!

Lets hope us humans learn to appreciate nature before we end up at this dystopian future!

In other news how cool are these? Virtual frames to send real life NFTS in, I actually think these are really dope.


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