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Gratitude is an act of appreciation by an individual for what is given to him whether tangible or intangible. The gift I received today from @megadrive is more than tangible and that is why I am dedicating this videos to him and every other blurt member who appreciate good tidings.

I have been unable to make further post after my introduction to blurt eight days ago due to the tight schedule I am having with my pregnant wife. It is her first pregnancy so our marriage is a young one.

Every other time I get, I use to assist my friend @chibuzorwisdom in his relentless blurt campaign in our town.
Most times I laugh when I hear people call him Mr. blurt because of the numerous and different designs of blurt clothes he wears around the city.
Trust me his life is centered on blurt promotion.


I usually check the dollar value beside my introduction post every morning before going to inspect my bee hive in the forest, because that is the much I can always do as a learner.

So when I opened my profile,I noticed an increment in my blurt.It was amazing to see someone I didn't know transfer such huge amount to me.
So I picked up my phone and called my friend to inform him, I became more confused because from his voice tone I could fathom his knowledge about it.

He said sunnybobo as he always calls me...
It is a selflesss gift from @megadrive to you.
I nominated you for it on behalf of my team and #blurtconnect community.
He further directed me on how to know more about the transfer.

I didn't believe my eyes and that is why I am writing this post to extend my unalloyed gratitude to the big boss who made my day mega today.
I thank you so much sir @megadrive for finding me worthy to receive such a huge gift.

Me and My Pregnant wife IMG-20220126-WA0005.jpg

Stay with me as I will be sharing more daily/weekly educational videos on how to own a bee hive,harvest honey, splitting colony,harvest bee wax and bee venom.
Thank you all and God bless you
I really appreciate your time and hope my post is useful to you my friend.

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Welcome to blurt nice work on your hives.


Bees - that's a very interesting topic!
We are already very curious!

Thank you so much ma, I already have a lot on beekeeping to share with my blurt family.

Congrats for the gift from megadrive and for your wife pregnancy. Wish you and your family always in a good health and feel happy.

Congratulations bro for receiving 1000 blurts from our dear megadrive sir! He is such a kind hearted person.

Hello @sunnysax
Thank you for sharing such great content!
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Congratulations brother
You have been very supportive to the team
It is a blessing
I am happy for you