Ever rememberable moment in my life

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University life has some mixed reviews. You have to go through both happiness and sorrows, depression and delight, tension, stress, freedom etc. Amongst all the negative things, there are some moments of enormous happiness that you were never. This is ever rememberable part of our university life. One can't never forget this.


I have also some such moment. But I enjoy most the time when i gossip with my friends with a cup of tea or coffee in my university campus. I basically gossip wiyh friends in afternoon or at midnight. But I enjoy the moment at midnight when there are less people around us.

I live in a hostel of my university which is in campus area. Sometimes i with one or more friends go out after 11 pm. There are a rail station in our university campus. At day time, this place are too noisy. But at night there are less people. So we go there at night and order tea or coffee from stall. Sometimes we order other foods to take before tea or coffee. And we start our gossiping. We spend almost one/two hour there. And when it is almost 1 am, we return to our hostel. To say more, the main gate of boys hostel is opened whole night.

This picture is taken last night when I sat on the railway platform with one of my friends named Sohan. Yesterday we took peanut before taking tea without sugar. We went there at 11 pm and returned at 1 am. It was a good rememberable moment for both of us. Thanks.

All photos are taken by my Samsung M21 mobile phone camera.

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It looks like a great place to chill with the other student

Obviously it is.