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There is no enemy of flowers. Flowers make people's minds better. Man's close friendship with flowers. So let's read some poems written by people about this close friend.

Today I will share with you a wonderful flower garden next to our park. A picture of a flower taken from that flower garden and some of its stories.

Everyone comes to visit this park in the afternoon. In fact, everyone is lost in the smell of flowers. Many beautiful flowers can be seen here. I have presented this flower garden in front of you one by one through my post. I will share


You don't love me or love me I didn't know However, who will I give these flowers of hyacinth? If you say that, I will give it to anyone No, this is not, this is; that cannot be given to anyone, This flower is not just a flower, it is something more than a flower In this, Sughran is coming, burning love is coming in the petals of love If you go to another Cairo You need a curs This is not a rose of today, it is not a flower that cannot be given to anyone, it is not just a flower There is something more than that flower!


Everyone loves flowers. There are many people who want to write a lot about flowers on Facebook. But I can't find the status of flowers. So in today's post we are going to fill and share the status. If you have status with the phone, please look at the bottom of this section. Here we have shared the status with very beautiful flowers for you.



Flowers in this world are a gift from the Creator. We use these flowers to enhance the beauty of our world. We use flowers in every good deed. Without infinite flowers, no work can be completed successfully. It is very difficult to find people in the world who are not crazy about the beauty of flowers in the world by increasing the beauty



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