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Hello friends, I hope you are all well. I'm so good at your love. Let's start today's story.


My favorite picture of the day!

🌅 Morning 🌅


I woke up at eight this morning. Then my mother gave me tea. After tea I sat down to read. After studying, I ate rice. Then after watching TV, I looked around the garden a little. Our garden is very beautiful to look at. Now there is shade under the garden during the sun. It is very cold there.




Then I went to the bath at twelve. After bathing, I read a little story book every day. I fell asleep a little while reading the story book.



Then it was time for lunch. Dad came. We all sat down to eat together. After eating and drinking, I went to bed again. I woke up and went to the roof as usual and watered the trees.

At the end of the day, the condition of the trees became deplorable. The trees seem to have dried up in the heat of the sun all day. After watering all the works, let the trees come back to life.



Going to market with friend for buying some ingredients.

🌈 Evening and night🌙

Then evening came. Gopal Bhar was a very famous man in the royal court of King Krishnachandra of Krishnanagar. So every year a fair is held in the field next to our house according to his name. All kinds of things come to this fair.


So today I, mother, brother got ready and went out to the fair. Going to the fair, first I bought two more bags. Then I ate ice cream. Brother got up in the merry-go-round. Brother and mother ate fuchka. I ate yoghurt fuchka.




I bought this ring from the fair. I like it very much. This kind of jewelry will look very good with a sari. The price of this ring is only 60 rupees.

Then it was more shopping. At the end of it all, we bought jellies and fried nuts and fingernails and left for home.

Since the field is close to home so we walked to the field. It was about half past eight when I came home. Then we sat for a while and ate jilapi.


There was no space left in the stomach like food at night. So I sat down to read. I studied for a while. When I left the books at eleven o'clock, I lay down on the bed.


And now I have shared today's story with all of you. I hope you have had a very good day today.

Then good night like today.

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