Ego and arrogance destroy these two people

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What is the difference between ego and ego and self esteem? We all need to know the difference between these two. There are two reasons behind this. The first reason is that we often think of ego as self esteem. And as a result, I made myself oversmart.


We think that what we are doing is to maintain our self-respect, but in fact we are doing it out of an unknown arrogance that we think of as self-esteem.
And the second reason that we can understand the difference between arrogance and self-esteem is that the opposite is true. Many times we think of our self-esteem as arrogance and as a result we underestimate ourselves. There are some people who take advantage of our weakness and run us as they please. So for these two reasons our ego is self-respect Perth What is the difference between these two things? If we understand this difference then if there is any arrogance in us then it will go away as if there is no arrogance in us.

If we think of self-esteem as arrogance, then we will break that mistake with a simple example. The difference is when a person makes a mistake and tries to explain it to the other person instead of admitting his mistake in front of the person he met. That he made a mistake and then forced himself to be small in front of him and did not do it again and again with different people then he can call it that person.

It would be a situation where on the other hand the man is getting dressed again and again who has to bow his head again and again without doing anything wrong and who is going to be humiliated again and again without doing anything wrong. This is a relationship. Whether it's to save a ship, to save his job, or to save a friendship, for whatever reason, when he doesn't have to make any mistakes again and again, he has to be small, and he finally decides to fall for a while and then to the man at the front for those mistakes in Asia.

It is not a small thing that he has never made mistakes and he stands up for respect by protesting against the criminal man at any point in any way. So we can understand these two differences but sometimes when arrogance speaks for us and we think it is our self esteem maybe we think unknowingly then we have made the same mistake again and again and 95 percent of the relationship from this world ends on its own again and again.

It may last for a while for the reverse date of feeling it has been poured, but it can continue for a while until the other person's inner self-esteem is awakened on the day he realizes his own self. Respect will not understand this place. He will not be in service for the sake of love. He will not live for the sake of friendship. He will not be in the service of money.

I think if someone else's relationship with us is getting worse again and again then I think we should stop and do some analysis of ourselves. We should see that there is no arrogance growing in us. True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you're a techie who knows what he's doing.

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