Talking and Building a Meulaboh Blurt Community Together

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I’m with @djunmul and @ifullamri

Hi everyone!

Yesterday the day after tomorrow, Monday, January 24, 2022, my friends and I held a special meeting to discuss the formation of the community in our area and to discuss developments and regulations that must be obeyed at


Alhamdulillah yesterday we agreed to form a community called "Community Blurt Meulaboh". The establishment of the Meulaboh Blurt Community at the same time welcomes new users of @ifullamri.

Me and @djunmul invited him to join and join the Meulaboh Blurt Community.


The Meulaboh blurt community, which was originally just the two of us with @djunmul, now has five members, namely me, @djunmul, @khaliduj, @hayatiid and @ifullammri. Maybe one day our community members will continue to grow.

To facilitate communication and discussion, we have also created a whatsapp group to share various information and new rules regarding blurt development.

Screenshoot of of Blurt Meulaboh Whatsapp Group Community



We sincerely hope that the platform continues to provide the best for its users and for the community by continuing to support their content.

I made this post to welcome our new community member @ifullammri, welcome to join!

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Thank you for being willing to make this post to introduce the Blurt community in Meulaboh, Aceh Barat, Aceh, Indonesia.

Hopefully with the formation of this community we can support each other in achieving success. Like the Blurt system, that everyone will not develop on their own without the support of others.

Let's spread positivity together for everyone here. Success for all of us.

#powerclub #blurtpower #blurtconnect

Ready, let's together build this community, so that blurt is better known in the community. #powerclub #blurtpower #blurtconnect

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Spirit. Write something meaningful so that you are known. Meulaboh blurt community

Let's make a useful contribution together!