Celebrate with others.

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I rejoice in the success of others, knowing that there is plenty for us all.

Loiuse Hay

It's Saturday and the end of a beautiful week well spent. I know you are excited as I am and I would want to believe you are anxiously waiting for what the new week starting tomorrow would bring. Don't worry, the best will happen and God's favour will show up.

How I wished I could engage more yesterday but just as the common phrase "The soul is willing, but the body is tired." It was a stressful day for me actually and I found myself moving from one task to the other offline especially going with someone to find the best gift for someone in the market.

Celebrate others, so you can be celebrated. One of the things that are making people not celebrate with others is hatred. Just because you hate someone and do not want to see him or her progressing, you decided to ignore and stab them at the back looking for different ways to rope them into what they didn't do, all because you are envious of them. That isn't living my friend.

When you see someone succeeding, be happy and you will see how everything would flow in your own time. There is nothing worse when you are happy with someone, but it's a way to connect you to people who will also help you when it's your turn.

It was one weekend and a moment to gather and rejoice with one of us getting married. She was a student who graduated last year and, she would be tying the knot with the love of her life. We planned and decided to help her in some ways and also attend so she can feel happy that she was once a family with us and now, it's with Joy we want to celebrate with her.

We were six that went, a guy also joined us, making us seven travelling to her hometown. We bought gifts for her so we don't go empty-handed.

Marriage is sweet and I wish all those married success and a blissful journey ahead. It's not easy but I know with God present, things would be in accordance with their wishes. Happily married life everyone who are already married.

Some were having grudges with this same lady who was getting married but they choose not to celebrate nor go with us. They are still on their decision not to talk to them. Well, it's none of my concern but we need not act in such a way but to rejoice with them and clear every doubt and hatred in us about them.

I was going through an article last night and the author talked about her experience where she found it difficult to celebrate others and after some years, when she started her own business and was finding some clients to start with, it was a challenging one for her then and she came to realize that celebrating others wasn't to her own expense, but to her benefit. She began retracing her steps and now, she is doing fine.

According to her, the benefits of celebrating others are;

You will get to see how they do it. When you celebrate and move close to those who have succeeded, you will be able to get the details of how they worked it out and with that, you will have the knowledge of how to go about yours. It's a way to connect with someone who has the experience freely.

Another benefit is asking yourself "how did they do it?" You will want to find those strategies and techniques they use and also want to apply them to yours, but mind you, they will be willing to help you so your journey towards that doesn't take long but is short in a matter of time.

Then, when you celebrate with them, it motivates you to do more. Instead of thinking negatively about your abilities, seeing theirs would sprout out the spirit of courage in you and before you know it, you are on your way to owning your success and getting people to celebrate you too.

I am always happy when people come to me asking how I did it on platforms like this. I love helping them and giving the best ideas and suggestions which I followed then and I wouldn't fail to tell them "Consistency is the key." I love that word and that is what you need to break through.

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