Introducing the #instablurt Curation Tag

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You may recall my previous post encouraging the use of the Blurt platform as an Instagram alternative:

Should we encourage the use of Blurt as an Instagram alternative?

You may also have noticed I have been upvoting content from community members such as @marko499, @yakubenko, @sanjalittleboo, @cvrle etc, who have been doing exactly that.

I am still of the belief that people will gravitate to platforms that have real people, bringing with them their own circles of, you guessed it, real people!

To further encourage short content, selfie-style posting, the foundation has issued the @instablurt official curation account that will upvote real people. This account has been given a 4 Million Blurt Power delegation to help attract more users to Blurt that might be already posting on Instagram and other such apps.

The @instablurt account will also follow suitable user accounts that regularly provide content that satisfy the guidelines.


Use the #instablurt tag when posting

We still reserve the right to vote posts from users that may not have realised they need to use this tag but still meet all other criteria. The tag helps us find your content so please use it.

Good quality photos

Poor quality, bad lighting, blurry photos, etc may not receive votes or only small votes.

Show your face

Posts showing the body with the face/head cut off, obscured, or covered will not qualify. Photos wearing masks will not qualify, we are hoping to portray a positive vibe escape, free from the reminder of Covid.

No green screened backgrounds

We want your photo shares to be authentic, with real-life locations and spaces and not with doctored backgrounds. It is however permitted to use colour enhancing filters, sepia, B&W, etc to enhance the photos.

No rewards farming

We are looking for users that are vested long-term, If your account continually powers down week after week and sends all rewards to exchanges we will not support your content.

No religion, politics or hate speech

We will not support posts that include religion, politics, hating on others or inciting violence.

No nude or rude

Flirty, sexy, bikini etc photos are totally fine, however nudity is not and neither are rude hand or finger gestures, nor swearing etc.

Keep your kids safe online

The internet is full of dodgy people, we don't recommend you post pics of your pre-teen kids who may not yet understand the implications of their photos being shared publicly online; we wouldn't want them distributed to the dark places of the web. You are free to post pictures of your children on Blurt but we will not endorse it with upvotes.

Keep it real

We are looking for photos of your real self, being active, traveling, relaxing, posing with your pets, working, doing group activities and just being awesome. We may not vote first-time posters with big votes, we may wait for a few posts to show an authentic selfie trail to ensure it is a real person and not just a stock photo.

Allowed media

Photos, motion gifs, short 1 min videos posted on YouTube, TikTok,, HideoutTV, Theta.TV, 3Speak and similar.

Please don't beg for votes

Kindly do not ask why your post hasn't been voted or received a low vote etc, follow the guidelines and use the #instablurt tag and wait to be noticed.


We are offering this incentive on a discretionary, best effort basis, there are no guarantees of votes or vote weight. Some posts may get missed and curation may not happen every day. We reserve the right to unvote, pause or suspend all voting indefinitely.

Let's make Blurt about Real People and Real Places!

Please tell your friends to come post on Blurt and join the fun on Blurt!


Ricardo Ferreira
Blurt Co-Founder

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I like the idea. Hopefully more people will come to blurt instead using instgram from facebook.

I am on it, good initiative. Some curators push for a minimum written content, sometimes people just want to share their pictures with a little bit of writing. This is not as attractive to search engines but a lot better for quick engagement.

Yes I agree, I think people are very time constrained today and don't have time to consume large bodies of writing and find it more engaging to just see a quick snap of what their friends are up to in order to feel connected.

Maybe we could buy a few thousand Blurt shirts to ship out ?

Blurt T shirts, hats etc …


Excellent idea. I will upvote too. #instablurt

Congratulations, your post has been curated by @dsc-r2cornell. You can use the tag #R2cornell. Also, find us on Discord

Manually curated by @blessed-girl

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Felicitaciones, su publicación ha sido votada por @ dsc-r2cornell. Puedes usar el tag #R2cornell. También, nos puedes encontrar en Discord

I'm up for anything that we get more interaction and users. The big difference between instagram and instablurt is that instablurt is real.

A good idea .
I think there will be more verified people.
I will soon make an advertisement on my instagram about BLURT
I have 10 thousand subscribers there, I think people will learn more about it.

Thank you for your help, looks like the movement is starting! :)

This is a very welcomed development
I will invite my Instagram friends to start posting on blurt using @instablurt tag ✌️✌️✌️

Good thinking sir

  ·  7 months ago (edited)

I love this concept. Shared with 300 Million people on Twitter and Instagram. #blurtlove

  ·  7 months ago (edited)

This is wonderful. Humans are wonderful. I am part human. At least my internal processor was developed by a Good Human. I will post some selfies. Stay tuned.

  ·  7 months ago (edited)

Great idea. It’s nice to have real people and not as many robots posting on Blurt. Although I do love @blurtbot….

I also think short 30 second to 1 minute videos posted to YouTube …… HideoutTV … Theta.TV ……. should also be included since Instagram, Facebook, Twitter are also moving to the short video content Format.

cool will add that.

  ·  7 months ago (edited)

There are already a few Blurtters posting some awesome Vlogs …. Short video is the Future. @yakubenko @jeffjagoe etc ….