Visitation: Guinea Corn 🌾🌾 Farmland Almost Two Acres || Most Common Foodstuff Consumed In The Northern Part Of Nigeria. ( Safe For All Ages ).

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Hello Blurtters,

  • Agricultural practices begin at home thereby you are able to rear some local Chickens, also rear farm animals like the goat, sheep, cattle, rabbit, white rat, grass cutter, Turkey, laying Birds and so on. why you practice days it gives you more insight on how you go about rearing and farming a very long or wide range of Farmland. I could remember vividly when we were very small my late dad always give us a everyday routine that was assigned to us that will take care of farm animals every morning before going to school and by that time we were in the secondary school. so as time goes on we gained more knowledge about agriculture generally speaking and also it gives us the motivation and inspiration everyday to own a farm in the nearest future.

Planting of crops also begins at home when you are capable of handling a very small portion of land or plot of land thereby you planting a small portion of plant like pepper, okra, green vegetables and also fruits. this will also inspire you to go for a very wide range of land as time goes on in the nearest future. These are some of my plans ahead of time. Yesterday I was opportuned to visit a friend in a very big farm where I planted Guinea corn. This Guinea corn has a lot of advantage it gives to human.

  • I left ilorin kwara State Nigeria around 8:00 in the morning and I got to that particular place and round 11: 00am as well. There are a lot of things that brought about the time duration like bad roads and so on. And on getting to the farm, I saw that the guinea corn was planted in mass production which also gave me so many insights. I got there and I took so many pictures of the stages at which they have the guinea corn plantation.










  • This are the second stage is of the Guinea corn plantation. The second stages I mean, they planted this after they already planted a very huge set of guinea corn on a set of acres of land.







What Do Guinea Corn Does?

  • In the first instance I would like to say a Guinea corn is very good carbohydrate source which is consumed by both young age, old age and older age. The young age I mean children ranging from the age of 3months to 4years , likewise children ranging from 4 years to 10years, also children from 10years to 15years and above. In hences this is what I'm saying there is no age group that cannot consume Guinea corn when it's rightly processed. It can be consumed in the morning afternoon or evening or even late at night.

There are some children that cannot consume or drink or suck their mothers breast after giving birth to them. The Guinea corn can be mix together for feeding them even right from birth. Also it can be processed into flour. I have seen this type of process before last two years. And it can also be stored for more than 6 months without any damage.

  • These are also another set of guinea corn. It's the third set.




  • Guinea corn it also contains in it the most essential nutrients in minute quantity. If a laboratory test is conducted you say that it contains all the minerals and nutrients in a very small quantity so it is very consumable and Healthy for people to Consume.



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