The View Of My Town In 3 Different Pictures - Lagos State, Nigeria.

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Lagos state is the busiest state in Nigeria, consist of attractive and interesting places, which includes landmarks, buildings , eatery and many more

I'll continue showing the view of my state in 3 different pictures

IMG_20210126_08352320_0.jpgwhat3words location

Inside the General Hospital Odan Lagos, this is a view of Radiology department.

IMG_20210126_08352000_0.jpgwhat3words location

Still inside the Hospital, this is a view if Abumlance vechicles parked outside.

IMG_20210126_08352056_0.jpgwhat3words location

This is a view of the Accident and Emergency center inside the General Hospital Odan Lagos.

From the pictures above you can see that Lagos is a very beautiful city.

Thank you all for reading, you can follow me so as to keep getting update on my town in ten pictures and you can help resteem so other people can see my beautiful town.

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