Blurt Poster Flooding The Streets Of The "Centre Of Commerce"

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Blurt no secret when you see it, you know what's happening!

Blurt of total grand proportions promoting an idea the voice of blurt must be heard. Putting it up in the public space for mass awareness and consumption, adequately at the face of the future. The posters include both textual and graphic elements, plus additional tags etc. Mainly giving the crowds a stepping stone, designed to be both eye-catching.

The streets getting decorated with blurt posters, imagine how blurt will be famous in this town, proofs of it purpose.




Details With Tags

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Spitting true life and the truth at it

Blurt on the highway

Spinning coming your way
You can bet a bank it's here to stay
Hop up and get blurt on your way
Powering up the mega way
Gamestate about to takeover the airway
Still never forget to pray
As we take on a major way
Pop a bottle left it up on your way
Cause blurt approaching better a day



Blurt has given me joy and new family, no need to be greedy I'm extending it, this is a way of showing my gratitude, recruiting multitude.

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Well done @georgetachia that will bring a few blurters in good work 👍

Thank you.
Yeah of course!

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Wow. I'm impressed. Keep up the great work! Re-blurted!

Thank you. I will!

The streets in the CENTRE OF COMMERCE will never be the same.

More ginger bro.

Thank you bro. True!

I am glad you re promoting blurt this way thanks bro!

Thank you bruh, my pleasure to serve!

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Looks like I’m running for president in your country! 😀🚀🎖

Believe me sir I would be glad if you were, from where I stand you will make a fine president, doing great things.

That's a good idea to promote Blurt in Nigeria. I know a lot of people will see it and join.

The flyer looks beautiful and nicely made. Keep working and one day everyone will be using Blurt.

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Sure, world of blurt. Thank you. Amen to that!

These all are telling your love and craze for Blurt. It's very inspiring and appreciating. Keep it up for promoting Blurt everywhere!

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Thank you so much!

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