Eyes that cannot see each others for life, are still taught to live life.

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Hi beautiful world!
Wishing you a great day ahead.
It is very rare that we remain faithful to someone for whole life. Even we are not able to remain loyal to our life partner throughout the life. There is some selfishness hidden behind all relationships. Yes it is definitely that there is no selfishness in mother's love. A dream that made me think. I saw that while celebrating happiness, the gunpowder of the firecrackers fell in the eye, due to which my eyes got spoiled. Got distracted for a moment but when I woke up everything went well. I took a sigh of relief. How strange is it that these eyes pass their whole life without seeing each other. Be together in the state of happiness or the state of sorrow, it always complement each other. It closed together, open together, even when it comes to bowing eyelids, it remain together. In life we ​​should build some similar relationships. Where there is no place for selfishness. In every situation we held each other's hand and moved forward. It should not happen that if you want to celebrate happiness, then stand together and get sidelined in the event of trouble.
Thanks for being here.
Have a nice day..

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