snails are destroying the farm, eaten up more fluted pumpkin vegetables

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Hi Blurtters,

There is a lot of battle when it comes to the rainy season this is why as a farmer you need to be observant and also take care of your plant in order to make a success in your farming season. Our own farm we have day Green African spinach, they fluted pumpkin green vegetables which are very prone to eaten up by snails at the beginning of the rainy season. And I find out that to me I can not get hold of it anymore but seek for advice. I woke up this morning to see this again after we had a very strong 4 hours night Rainfall.




  • Snails are very difficult to control because they move in tens unit and more importantly they eat regularly and destroy anything they set eyes on which are edible for human.





  • Alot has been destroy but it seems it still continues.



Thanks For Reading My Article And Giving me a very great privilege to be here again after some weeks of having break. I am back fully.

Thanks For support from all my friends and colleagues. I do appreciate it alot.
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I have a couple of suggestions.

  1. After rain and at night pick them off by hand. Then feed them carrot or corn meal for 2 days until their poo looks like what you feed them. Starve them for another 2 days and make some tasty peppered snail out of them. By picking them off by hand you can get ahead of them and take the reproductive adults out of the system.

  2. Other one is to cut the bottom off some some plastic bottles and put a little beer or coke in the bottom, they will be attracted to it and take it and die in the container.

Yikes…. That’s not good.

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