Captivating street market photography 🍒🍅🌶️🌰 , get use to your immediate environment and explore more

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Hi Blurtters,

Living very far from where there is but Mini Market as well as big bucket it's one of those things that cannot be pushed away. This is the reason why I love to explore more even though its has an element of stress in it. I was a little bit busy but still I went to the local Street Market before I got home finally.

Although my journey did not take the market axis but I had to change my plan quickly so as to get more of this market photography which I know it will help so many people in their own article write up and also give more people the privilege to act fast in learning more about the platform. When I approached the but Pepper seller and the onions seller too I took some pictures as it was shown.




  • What I love most is that we have different types of onions which also taste differently to me, when you cook a lot you have a lot of taste differences from others. When you are so do your own shopping yourself you know what is best for different type of cooking styles.




  • We have day red Onions 🌰🌰 and the White Onions. And its both use for cooking ingredients.







  • Tomatoes 🍅🍅, red chilli pepper,bell pepper are also known as very common pepper stew ingredients you must use.


Thanks For Reading My Article And Giving me a very great privilege to be here again after some weeks of having break. I am back fully.

Thanks For the autoupvote from all my friends and colleagues. I do appreciate it alot.
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i see a lot nice peppers :)

I Love chillis

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