A free gown pose display after running it up for 3 hours at a stretch, a new design was made

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Hi Blurtters,

Fashion designer skills can never be over compromised this is because there are so many design you can make right from the outset of the design with either the use of straight gown or any other short gown designs as part of the week activities I did myself because I was so busy running so many things at a time I made this guy myself and it was so lovely.

in my next post I'm going to show the process of me making this gown in step by step. A brief description of this particular gown I was wearing. It is somewhat difficult for me to so this because it look so slippery even to the face of the needle with the machine. So it took me a longer. To make it but at last it is done. These are the few bosses I made after making the gown for 3 hours at a stretch.











Thanks For Reading.

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