I draw on gingerbread. Special paints and brushes

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I draw on gingerbread. Special paints and brushes

I have already, so to speak, been working in a pastry shop for a long time, about 2 months, a little longer.

Here we have a whole team, an art confectioner, a chocolatier, a decorator, and I am an artist.

My job is to paint on gingerbread. First, I cover the ready-made gingerbread with icing. Glaze works well as a background. All the details of the drawing are clearly visible on the white icing. After I have filled the icing with the gingerbread, I start drawing. To paint art on gingerbread, I use special paint and brushes.








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Those in this creative art part of the world are really doing a lot of fun stuff at work.

I'm glad that you are one of those people and its impressive to see what you are achieving