The postcards that I draw are included in the gift set. I am very pleased with this success.

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My postcards are gifts. Thanks to the customer for these photos.

I draw postcards, print them out and order from me flower shops, pastry shops and others.

Now I will tell you everything in stages.

First, I come up with an idea for postcards, I always carry a notebook and a pencil with me so that when inspiration comes I can draw a sketch.

Then, according to my sketch, I draw art, first with a simple pencil, then with colored watercolor pencils, sometimes I use watercolors. When the art is ready, I come up with an inscription, sometimes my followers on Instagram help me, for their ideas I send them gifts, postcards.

When the postcard is ready, I print it in many copies.

I go shopping and offer them my postcards, sometimes it’s successful and I have big orders. Sometimes they refuse.

I am always glad when they make an order to me, and not only because of the money. I am pleased that many people will receive my postcards.


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This is so cool and fabulous.

I'm always impressed with your effort to display your work.

Those gift cards are looking good

this is very beautiful an interesting gift