Fry red spinach with shrimp

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Hello friends,
Assalamu Alaikum, how are you all? Hope everybody is doing very well and healthy. I am also much better inshallah.

Today I came back to you again with a new cooking recipe fried red spinach with shrimp. A few days ago, I shared only red spinach fry among you. So today I fried red spinach with shrimp. Red spinach is very tasty to eat and has a lot of nutritional value. However, frying red spinach with shrimp is more fun to eat. I hope you like it.

So let's see how I fried red spinach with shrimp.

Here are the ingredients for frying red spinach with shrimp-


1- Red spinach
2- Seven to eight shrimps lightly fried with salt and turmeric powder
3- Chop the onion
4- Crushed garlic
5- Raw chilli slice
6- Salt to taste
7- Turmeric powder and
8- Soybean oil etc.

How to fry-

At first I cut the root of the red spinach and washed it well.


This time I have cut the pre-fried shrimp into small pieces.


This time I put a ring in the oven and put the red vegetables in the pan. This time I have chopped green chillies inside with salt and turmeric powder. Now I will cover it with a lid and light it for a while. After burning for a while, you can see that the red spinach has decreased a lot. Now I will move the red spinach well. Look, I didn't give any water here, but enough water came out. So I stirred the vegetables well and put the shrimps cut into small pieces beforehand. This time I will move again for a while. In this way, after stirring for a while, I will completely dry the water of red spinach. So the water of my spinach has dried up and now I have taken it down from the stove.


This time I put a ring in the oven again and put the same amount of oil in the pan. When the oil is hot, I put onion paste and crushed garlic in it. Now I will fry them reddish. When it is fried reddish, I have poured the red spinach inside it. Now I will fry the red spinach by stirring well. In this way, if you stir and fry for a while, you will get a very tasty red spinach fry with shrimp. So my red spinach fry is ready. This time I took it down from the stove. This time I am serving in a container. In fact, it is more delicious to eat red spinach fried with shrimp. You can also try it at home if you want, of course it will be good to eat.


So friends, so far today. I hope you like my recipe today. If you like it, you must comment. Many many thanks to everyone. I pray to the Creator that everyone stays well and stays healthy.

God bless you.

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