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beautiful ziniya flower

Hi guys
I am present with my new photography. my today's photography is of red colored ziniya flower as i told you in my previous posts that i have grown ziniya plants at my home.they are of different colors .My first plant had white flowers, after that the second plant had orange flowers and now the third plant has red flowers, I have presented white and orange color photography in earlier posts.Now I have brought a photography of the flower of the red ziniya, it looks very beautiful to see.When I look at my plants everyday and see the colorful flowers blooming on them, my heart becomes happy and I keep sharing this happiness with you guys.
Thank you!







Photos captured by@reetuahlawat
Camera DeviceRedmi 9A Rear Camera 13MP
CategoryPhotography, Flowers, Beauty of Nature
EditedCaptured one
I hope you like this. Thanks for visiting my posta.jpg
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