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People on Blurt keep asking me what I did to get blacklisted. Well primarily I'm an "anti-vaxer" and that causes issues on CIA funded Hive. But things did grow from there. I had a group of special transgender Hive friends watching my every move, so I wrote some special posts for them...


One of the great things about Hive was making so many new friends.

Although most people probably wouldn't notice it, one of my best friends on Hive was my buddy @azircon. We often had deep and meaningful exchanges in chat, and sometimes he bared his soul to me.

I never usually discussed our conversations publicly, but one day he asked me to help him with his identity crisis.

"Yes, @frot, please do a post about me" he implored when I asked if he was sure he wanted to be in the public eye.

So I agreed to do a poll, where everyone could vote on what his new identity should be. The Illuminati mask set up was getting old and no longer very hip so he needed to reinvent himself.

We came up with four choices:

A. The real Aircon. An actual photo of him, with just a few filters to bring out his woke, liberal, non-binary identity.


B. Sexy Aircon, comfortably embracing both sides of his sexuality - a fantasy character



C. Primal Aircon - getting back to his primal roots, free to sniff and be sniffed


D. Nazi Dictator Aircon - king of downvoting and censorship, for the greater good - a man's man...



Aircon also asked if I could post a picture of his other online friend - his special friend, Azalia:


So those were the options - choose A,B,C, or D and I asked readers to leave their choices in the comments.

I wish I could say that was got me blacklisted, but I had already been blacklisted for six months when I did that post.

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And little more


You re comedic genious.

Thank fuck for blurt, i just want to lol and upvote random shit preferably stuff that makes me laugh like your blog.

satire is the only way some days.

Hey Brother, good to see you here! I can't even log in to my Hive account... how's that for censorship??? BTW, is that beard in the last photo a strap-on?

That is not how strap ons work!

Stay real , so it's A ,. no need to bring out his sick fantasy's in some fake image . A also show's true the glasses ,.. how short sighted this thing really is .

Blacklisted , for they fear your artworks and can't handle your truth , not able to process any form of humor to . Blacklisted on hive , it's a label to carry with pride these days i guess . ;-)

Yes, let's be honest, no photoshop...


Slowly puts the lube away and silently leaves the room.

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Jesus!!! That would scare a starving dog out of a truck full of meat! I've seen a better face on a bottle of rat poison.

Perfect ,.. it can put the blue yellow flag in it's-self , .. as it knows code .
Might wanna change it's name to AZOV-CON .
As for some weeks now , out of support , it's spilling pizza topping on the face of deceive and terror from behind it's keyboard .


Just dont abuse and youl be good here.

Abuse has nothing to do with personal points of view, opinions, their"history", etc etc etc etc.

Freedom of speech shant ever be added to coal on my watch. Shine a light if it does.

What we do here.

Its about evidence.
Showing the proof and being transparent as humanly possible.

We will bring down the numbers of scam, plagiarism, spam, etc.

No politics to be added to coal list either. Not hate speech because that is still free speech. Not death threats unless someone dies and proven guilty. sexual content not using nsfw, child porn, graphic material of people really killing real people, things like that. Please report what you consider abuse to the "blurt warden team" under the abuse and appeal channel in the blurtdiscord. Contact me directly here on the chain if you dont want to use discord.

Glad you can breathe once again from that cult prison hive.

I still think all these sites are government experiments as to how humanity behaves in certain organisational structures and what I’ve noticed is that on blurt when given the freedom most people actually behave well and do not abuse the platform. I’m sure it’s happened but it’s not as rampant as else where on the most part everyone’s respectful. Maybe because the ppl drawn here are already not into the big dick downvote energy and have already decided a reality of control and controlling and abusing isn’t for them. Whatever it is the freedom isn’t creating a lot of bad actors from what I can see.

Yes, I think the CIA have a social media division, very like the Tavistock institute did with pop music in the 60's.

All the big platforms like Fakebook and Twatter are obvious experiments, and I think with the benefit of hindsight that Steemit and Hive both were too from the outset. I hope Blurt is not, but it's really hard to tell these things.

yeah they have a lot of projects we never hear about till a long time after, if at all, we all signed up voluntarily and are getting paid and absolutely every interaction we have can be mapped and plotted and studied on the blockchain. It would not surprise me at all.

You reblurted a @lucylin post recently so I know you are OK!

Jesus Christ, you have a low bar...



I'm gonna steal this meme for my upcoming post on the new Ministry of Truth (You get credit naturally)

Her jaw is so manly, i might have to transvestigate...

Kinda like Big Mike Obama


  ·  2 months ago (edited)

he said im ok.

Go on. You were saying frot?

LOL - yes @sift666 is @frot but I accidentally did this post in the wrong browser!

Years of using alt accounts to avoid being downvoted on Steemit and Hive has turned me into a gibbering post op eunuch...

...or did you just out yourself via downvotes, and was an already existing gibbering, post op, eunuch ?

Questions, questions...

lol at you :-)