The Razor Crest, My Watercolor painting Timelapse from The Mandalorian

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I miss the Mandalorian….

I tried to watch the new Bobba Fett on Disney over Christmas but I just couldn’t get into it.

So this video is a little Nostalgic… to honour the Razor Crest and the Mandalorian …. And Grogu.

Where is Grogu ????

I Added some Western music from the Youtube Copyright Free Music Library.

This is the Windsor Newton Watercolour Kit I use...

Watch on YouTube:

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I cried when the Razor Crest blew up!... Just kidding! Ha ha! I'm also a huge Star Wars fan! The gun-slinger music in this video is fucking brilliant! I haven't had a chance to see Bobba Fett, but I'm surprised to hear you couldn't get into it. To each his own, I suppose! The only Star Wars stuff I couldn't into was the Lego series!

Yeah…I only watch one episode of Boba fett …. I just missed Mandalorian … maybe it will get better.

I miss Mando as well. Haven't been keeping up on the news, so not sure if there will be another season. Series are sometimes hard to maintain because the cast doesn't remain available. I was so looking forward to another season of "Conoly" but no go. I've heard that Mando is having the cast problem as well. Just finished "Bad Batch" not too long ago and am left with the idea that maybe the future will be better with animation, because you don't have to deal with actors who are here today, gone tomorrow.

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