Queen Wilhelmina's 25th Anniversary Celebration Poster, 1923

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Image: C. C. Callenbach/Atlas van Stolk

Above is a poster celebrating the 25th anniversary of the reign of Queen Wilhelmina in 1923. With the inscription which means something like "Dear Wilhelmina of Oranje-Nassau. Queen of the Netherlands, our respect, respect for our closeness".

The image of the queen is carved on a monument with two women on the right and left. On the right side of the poster there is a line of Dutch people consisting of various groups such as nobles, military, intellectuals, and ordinary people. They brought offerings of Dutch mainstay products such as ships and paintings.

To the left of the poster, there ia a line of Dutch East Indies natives wearing various traditional clothing from their respective regions, also carrying Dutch Indies specialties such as gamelan, batik, sculptures, and tropical fruits.

Wilhelmina ascended the throne as Queen of the Netherlands in 1890 after her father died. Wilhelmina's brother had also died earlier, so the throne fell to Wilhelmina who was only 10 years old at the time. Since the queen was still a minor, her mother appeared to exercise power until Wilhelmina was of age. Wilhelmina was finally sworn in as queen in 1898 when she was 18 years old and reigned until 1948, or about 50 years in power.

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