I'm hoping to crowdfund some high-tech support for Ukraine

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I came across this armed drone article today while searching for non-human aid that could be supplied to Ukraine. This thing can be used day or night, which is great for patrol and providing an advantage during skirmishes.

I found the manufacturer and sent them an email.


text version.

To: Asisguard
Att: General Manager

I am co-founder of the Blurt social media blockchain, the purpose of this email is to appeal to you to supply military aid to Ukraine during the current invasion.

Are you in a position to donate any Songar drone units to help in the defense of Ukraine?

If the general global population wanted to contribute to crowdfunding additional fully armed units, please confirm the price per each in USD and CIF delivery into Ukraine.

What is the lead-time on manufacture and supply? 

What is your assessment of the supply routes to getting the order into Ukraine?

Looking forward to hearing back from you, I believe this is a perfect public relations and marketing opportunity for your company.

Please tag storm @asisguard on Twitter and request aid for Ukraine.


Edit: I realise this post may not embody the views of the entire Blurt community and hereby disassociate Blurt from it.
Please see my recent post in this regard https://blurt.blog/blurt/@megadrive/blurt-is-neutral-but-i-am-not

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Zelenskyy told US senators he needs planes and drones more than other security tools, according to a senior Senate aide granted anonymity to discuss the private meeting.

-Associated Press reporter Lisa Mascaro in Washington

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This is definitely not my meaning. How can any privat person think that he can send wappons in a war? There are nations how discuss this. I am spechless. This is as stupid as Putins war. What do you think you are. Good? The supreme Court of America? Maybe you think you are Rambo? Not in my name as a blurt user. Never.

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Did you not see I edited my post to express my personal views only?

Edit: I realise this post may not embody the views of the entire Blurt community and hereby disassociate Blurt from it. Please see my recent post in this regard https://blurt.blog/blurt/@megadrive/blurt-is-neutral-but-i-am-not

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The Russians are being destroyed.

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Let God fight this War.

He is already fighting with the Ukrainians. 🇺🇦

The evil invaders are being driven out by the hand of God.



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Are you becoming a megalomaniac too?
You want to buy weapons in Turkey in the name of Blurt?
I am stunned!

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

We do not need any weapons.

Jesus is already waging war against the invaders.

The Russians are being driven out.


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Thank you for your devotion to Blurt and to justice but I sincerely believe our efforts as a community should be humanitarian and not in any way be associated to the escalation of more killing.

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I like this idea if it used to kill evil robots…. Hopefully we will have a robot versus robot war and humans need to die.

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I strongly advise against buying or supporting these war weapons. This technology is only there to kill people.

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Was @rt-international blocked on Hive/Blurt/ D.tube ?

I am deeply shocked, you want to invest in technology to kill people. No matter if it's a Russian, Ukrainian, Turk, Yank or whatever nation. It is still a human being that is killed with it. It is still a father, mother, grandparents, children or grandchildren who are killed with it.
War is the end of diplomacy, from far away from living together and solving problems together. War is not a solution and brings only suffering for all. I am personally and as a witness against the Blurt community taking part in the killing.
@megadrive the Blurt community can help better through humanitarian actions. Use the power of the community to alleviate suffering through donations. This would be the right way without indirectly increasing the suffering. Help the you people instead of killing them by drones.

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Ich bin zu tiefst schockiert, du möchtest in Technik investieren um Menschen zu töten. Egal ob es ein Russe, Ukrainer, Türke, Ami oder auch welche Nation auch immer. Es ist immernoch ein Mensch der damit getötet wird. Es ist immer noch ein Vater, Mutter, Großeltern, Kinder oder Enkelkinder die damit getötet werden.
Krieg ist das Ende von Diplomatie, von weit weg vom zusammenleben und die Probleme gemeinsam zu lösen. Krieg ist keine Lösung und bringt für alle nur Leid. Ich bin persönlich und als witness bin dagegen das die Blurt Gemeinschaft sich an das töten beteiligt.
@megadrive die Blurt Gemeinschaft kann durch humanitäre Handlungen besser helfen. Nutzt die Kraft der Gemeinschaft, das Leid zu lindern durch Spenden. Das wäre der richtige Weg ohne indirekt das Leid zu vergrößern. Helfen sie die Sie den Menschen, anstatt sie durch Drohnen zu töten.

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I'm relieved to see a voice of reason. I saw threads the other day on getting Blurt involved and was horrified.

Thank you.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Thank you. I appreciate your reconsideration.

I am very pleased with this opinion not stand alone.

Posted from https://blurtlatam.com

the Blurt community can help better through humanitarian actions


Instead of killing russians I would like to hear their voices and opinions. Let them speak on Blurt, Don't kill them!

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I am not a person who know much things about war. But I prefer to be out of war related things because it's the best as I know.

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Learning from Turkey with the coup technology did not work either. Technology is very helpful for information, use technology wisely to achieve peace.

We in Indonesia had a prolonged conflict, the last step we took was a discussion, an agreement in which both parties agreed to peace with written terms on paper. Until now the peace is still maintained.

Very advanced weapon. Great for reconnaissance! But peace must come first!

I stand for peace and I hate oppression in every sense of it, whatever it is one can do to aid Ukraine from this invasion please should be done. This is oppression

Hi I just want to say that I’m really not in favor of this idea. First of all, I don’t really know anything about these drones or how to operate them. Secondly, I have concerns about their origin, it seems that they are made in Turkey.

I am in Strong support of the people in Ukraine and I’m even in support of privately helping them to acquire weapons to defend themselves.

this drone looks like it is rather theoretical and possibly a rendering.

I would prefer that we keep blurt A source of information in these trouble times and making moves like these makes us a questionable source of information. I think it’s best that we do not pursue this matter. I also think that pursuing this matter could put community members at risk, including yourself.

So I just like to say that I think that this is an idea that’s best tabled.

Jacob, I am really relieved to hear your "voice". Actually, I was going to deactivate my Witness tonight, as I can't support active interference from Blurt. Now I will wait and see how things go on here. I hope Blurt remains a place where people can support each other.

I would prefer that we keep blurt A source of information in these trouble times and making moves like these makes us a questionable source of information. I think it’s best that we do not pursue this matter. I also think that pursuing this matter could put community members at risk, including yourself.

So I just like to say that I think that this is an idea that’s best tabled.

Thank you Jacob. Blurt has no business taking sides here on who gets to rule. At most Blurt should be open to aiding the normal folks these dictators fight over who rules. Thank you for breaking your absence from Blurt to be a voice of reason. Getting involved militarily is such a horrible idea.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

I agree with @nerdtopiade.
As a private person you can write what you want.
But it is totally irresponsible to every Blurt member and also to the witnesses to have published this post in the name of Blurt and as a co-founder of Blurt!

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

I do agree with that and have changed my stance in that regard, but I also do not feel the way you went about it was honourable and you could have easily given me personal private council instead of trying to defame me in public or going to Jacob in private message. My detailed response https://blurt.blog/blurt/@megadrive/blurt-is-neutral-but-i-am-not

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

maybe it is the opinion of him personally who wants to reconcile the two countries from the divisions between countries.
we as members of the blurt only make and try our best for both countries.

No man to ACT aggressive in a WAR against one of the 2 Countries which are involved maximize the Terror.....

An Act like that is an ACTIVE role in a WAR... By buying war machines and using them, you become an aggressor yourself. You become part of the warlike actions, you kill people even if it happens with DRONES in this case. But you have blood on your hands like you killed someone yourself.

Now think one step further, what is PUTIN and RUSSIA doing when its soldiers are killed by BLURT DRONES....

He will expand his war, he will try to harm those who have harmed him and more people will die, people who were not even involved in the beginning, women, men and children will lose their lives because someone didn't think and just want to play in the WAR.

Such actions will only explode the powder keg that it is right now and make this war widespread such intervention now can ensure we have a world war, is that what you want???

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  ·  4 months ago  ·   (edited)

Yes I think that this is many steps too far

Eg purchasing Turkish attack drones for use in coMbat as blurt — it is not a good idea

and it happened so much more in last weeks on this chain ...

i really hope you see how much it turned into a one man show... and im so sorry about this...

A lot has happened in the last few weeks but this is the icing on the cake, I am a witness to this chain that I love, however in the last few weeks I have seen activities that have nothing to do with what this chain actually stands for .

Decentralization became a withdrawal of witnesses that did not correspond to personal ideas and a new system was adopted that also now has no more possibilities to get back to the status that one could have intervened...

I'm arguing with myself whether I want to go this route as a witness that someone has taken, can I still support it?

Posted from https://blurtlatam.com


You might wanna make a post for airing of grievances.

But keep in mind blurt is here for everyone.

i cant believe how this all went into a Hate Revenge campaign that has now moved here on the chain. Here assumptions and allegations are made that are not based on any basis.

Just throwing out any numbers without looking at why, for example, some people received a few votes is cheeky and arrogant... Because otherwise you would have to admit that statistics are a great tool but completely ignore the human factors.

I am extremely disappointed to see how a DECANTRILIZED chain has now become a dictatorship

Posted from https://blurtlatam.com

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  ·  4 months ago  ·  

It's also true what you said, I understand now, thanks for the explanation.

im a Veteran , and maybe becasue of that im looking some steps further than others.... To

Posted from https://blurtlatam.com

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

wow no wonder your knowledge is very wise,

Puh that is tough. You realy think that it is good to get involved into the war directly as a blockchain ?
What u do as a private Person is your think but you wrote as Co Founder of Blurt.
Dont get me wrong the war ins terrible and Putin must be stopped but blurt should be official neutral i think.

  ·  4 months ago  ·   (edited)

not just the neutrality that a chain should have, what happens when the drones are used, who knows what that will look like? If this act of aggression does not fuel this conflict even more or even explode more massively, will this attack on Russian troops not be used by him to be even more aggressive against everyone!?! Will this act not perhaps even ensure that this local war then becomes a world war!

Im a Veteran and i served in diffrent Wars already , i was in Cosovo, in Northern Africa and Afghanistan. I was involved into mechanics of War and how to fight...

If we as CHAIN get involved into this War the Act of Agression will be used to form NEW Goals , every Aggression will be Used to maximize the Own Agressions and Activities.

And do you know what @megadrive you will have BLOOD on your HANDS , you never shot a BULLET by yopurself but you will be the Agressor in a War and people will "DIE"!!!! Becasue you sended WAR DRONES into a WAR which isnt yours !

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Yes, I agree wholeheartedly. To interfere as an outsider now with armed force in a war, with which one has nothing to do, is much too far.

100% agreed, I am a veteran too and I fully support ciderjunkies post! Cheers!

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

A simple show of love and solidarity can actually make one feel at peace even when at war. Your concern towards the support of Ukraine is worth acknowledging... I am also happy to see that the blurt family is on the side of peace. May peace lead. Let's say no to war

It's a very good and useful step. Because these days Ukrainian are in extremely need of it. Ukrainia can defense of themselves nicely through this precious weapon. If Ukrainia get this useful tool it will be good for them. It is necessary for everybody to save lives because human beings have a important right to live in this Earth.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Yes,sir we also say "PLEASE STOP WAR".
Because in this war neither these two countries benefit nor any other,but it is harmful for the whole world.
I salute sir your beautiful effort. This step will definitely be useful for the oppressed.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Estuve observando que van 4 millones de dólares donados a Ucrania por parte de crypto, eso está muy bien, también vi que Elon Musk activo su internet satelital para ellos y ahora sí está iniciativa por parte de usted puede llegar hasta allá será genial. Esa gente necesita toda la ayuda posible, los quieren dejar solos y eso no está nada bien. Oraciones hacia Ucrania y que todo pase pronto.

Posted from https://blurtlatam.com

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Good try, hope this works. Although it looks like it will be difficult, because many parties do not want to be involved in this war.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

You have taken a very good initiative, I hope you will succeed, we should all stand by the people in danger, humanity is the real personality.

It is very great step by our blurt community to help them. And it's the beauty of our community to help others. It will encourage them . I will certainly donate some funds for Ukraine to bring peace . @asisguard please accept our community for bring peace in the world.

Stop war please

Posted from https://blurtlatam.com

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

O @asisguard please hurry up we will donate some funds for Ukraine that humanity rrmains in the world

  ·  4 months ago  ·   (edited)

Your idea is very good. It should be worked on quickly. I am ready for this.
Many thanks to you for posting this article about Armed Drones .Your post will help Ukraine to some extent.
First of all I hope that this war will not end soon. Because neither of the two countries is ready to accept it. And because of this the common citizens of Ukraine are very much upset. And the citizens of other countries living there are also worried.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

I found these anti-tank drones https://breakingdefense.com/2022/02/ukraines-turkish-made-drones-face-off-against-advanced-russian-military/amp/ seems Ukraine has 4 of them already, but that’s not a lot.

I dont want a WAR
And I want take a peace


can i donate my all blurt to help ukraina people

Keep doing good to help them

You can take it from my account blurt


  ·  4 months ago  ·  

We first need to find the best use and method of donation. Thank you for your willingness, please follow my posts for future updates on such direction.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

"We first need to find the best use and method of donation."

Yes. Let's find the best way to support Ukrainians who need help urgently. I think the first step is to support Ukrainian bloggers on Blurt.

  ·  4 months ago  ·   (edited)

I have no desire to be associated with the purchase of Turkish weaponry at any time for any reason And I would like for you to stop soliciting the purchase of Turkish weaponry in the blurt name

And I would like for you to stop soliciting the purchase of Turkish weaponry in the blurt name

Thank you

These weapons were developed and tested during the 2020 Artsakh conflict

  ·  4 months ago  ·   (edited)

Amazing idea for helping Ukraine this time.
It's very advantage technology for patrolling in the War. I think they will be respond very soon and help the Ukraine. They should be supply it to the Ukraine as soon as possible because it's very useful and incredible instrument.
Thank you so much sir for mailing to the manufacturer to supply and support to the Ukraine.

Posted from https://blurtlatam.com

By the way ,I have joined this beautiful community platform yesterday and I have published my introduction post it will be very satisfied thing for me if you visit my post!

Super idea and and an initiative step to help Ukraine. Hope Asisguard will reply soon and we entire blurt community will must donate according to our ability and capability. I'm also looking forward to donate some blurts. Please release a fund very soon sir!

Posted from https://blurtlatam.com

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Good idea regarding the fund, we should first gather info on what such a fund can be used for and then announce when there is a clear objective. All I know is Blurt must stand for what is right.

First of all, I would like to thank you for exposing this esteemed thought and express best wishes.
In fact, through this Ukraine can get a powerful and beneficial tool that can be able to defend itself intelligence. Because proper patrolling can be done through this , which can see the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

looks like ukraine in every country's border there should be a weapon like this. This type of weapon doesn't seem to have been used by many. I think this is very cool and very useful.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Your steps are very wise.

I hope emails from you to them can be responded to soon.
I think this type of weapon is very useful for spying on enemies on the border.

let us know if your email is responded to by the manufacturer of the weapon.

wow, that's really cool technology.
it is a very useful weapon for war activities, because it can reduce the casualties of the soldiers while carrying out their duties.