Doctors Under Fire

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Dr. Steven Malthouse Speaks Out on CPSBC Complaint Against Him - video

Adults are now behaving like children! So who is protecting the children? Nobody. They are now prey.

Every doctor who speaks out is being attacked. That's a clue that this has nothing to do with your health and nothing to do with science.

The only people immune from liabilities, immune from prosecution, immune from presenting any real science... are the pharmacons, the abhumans who run them and the minions who are paid to destroy humanity.

This is lifted from a broader discussion, here

“If you were a doctor who’s chosen purpose in life was to help heal people and do no harm in the process, but at the same time you saw government policies that are not grounded in science or common sense doing real damage to society at large and peoples health (especially the children), how would you feel?"

Ask your own doctor - use the exact same words - and watch their face.

How do you feel having to trust that person?

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medical science in the current era is more closely linked to the criteria of pharmaceutical transnationals than to the general health of patients.

I noticed as a child that even then many doctors had what they refer to as a God complex. Many falsely believe this pertains solely to believing they know everything and are always right. They fail to have seen that for many of them it extends to seeing others as less, as objects to experiment on and use for their perpetual gain.

Many years ago I began referring to many of them as little more than pharmaceutical pimps.

In my last post where I talk of the war being leveled against the people using the cover of so called respectable medicine despite all rational voices being censored, I've seen growing calls for those of us who refuse the injections to be denied any medical care for anything.

I had to laugh, as my distrust of the medical community has been strong most of my life, and after all those people they murdered at the initial outset of their Covid theater using their ventilator weapons

my resolve to stay as far away from a hospital as possible grew.

Once one is in their grip inside the hospital, they can do whatever they want to you. And keep you against your will as well as deny you access to anyone who might advocate on your behalf. It has been this way for many years.

Hospitals have been a large tool in stripping rights from people, from stripping their children from them to funnel into the CPS/Foster care/sex trafficking networks.

People really have no idea how cold and with what amount of disdain MANY in the medical field hold the rest of us in. They deny what they see (publicly) because their lavish lifestyles pay them to do just that as they use the patients as guinea pigs for the large monied interests that fund everything.

I have to say that for many years, as a kid, we had a Polish family doctor who, apparently, saved my life from the institutional deathcare. I don't recall this but I do remember, as I got older, that he kept two sets of records - one for the authorities and one for his private use. He learnt something from the war - never ever trust authorities not to abuse your information. One other thing I recall was that he had dozens of books to consult so as to prescribe the best and most appropriate available drugs. Sure, there were no computers, but how many "doctors" now ever consult a digital pharmacopeia to select something better than the standard toxins? Sadly, he died too early.

Doctors ARE NOT scientists. They are not trained to be scientists. Ask any doctor how many lectures they attended on virology and vaccines? Very few doctors go into research - not much money compared to fleecing ignorant patients.

Just to add, I was lucky here to eventually find one doctor out of 6 who actually knew what my condition was. I thought he was trying to scare me at the time, but once I looked up the info he was right - I could easily have died within a few hours or days - and the astonishingly high mortality rate of some 40% is entirely due to doctor ignorance, lack of diagnostic training and really, lack of any human care. When a condition well-known for being mis-diagnosed continues to be mis-treated, that's willful ignorance. Those other 5 morons did all collect their useless fee.

You see, if I was a doctor and didn't know off the top of my head then I'd investigate. That's science - that's an episode of House, doing a proper differential diagnosis. Doctors just ask for tests to make more money as many are genuinely pointless (both the tests and the doctors). That's what they think is "evidence based" when any real evidence would give them a thoroughly deserved stroke.

Indeed, I investigated my own condition to the point that my consultant finally admitted to having a real conversation ;-) He agreed the cause was fking antibiotic - indeed the possible mechanism is epigenetic and not a million miles away from the spike protein scam. I suspect doctors wear white to hide the blood on their hands.