Healthy Carbs Vs Refined Carbs - Making Healthy choices

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Bringing some positive lifestyle changes is not a very difficult task, all you need to do is make some simple amendments in diet and lifestyle. If we have to focus on diet changes then the one important thing towards making healthy changes is by cutting off excess carbs from diet, and for that we need to understand what are the sources of high carbs. If we understand which food contributes to high carbs, it is then easy to make proper diet choices.
Let me give you a list of few high carb foods and when you read them you yourself will understand that these foods are surely not very healthy for our body.
Canned Juices, Canned Fruits, processed cereals, all the various types of candies, ready to eat food, Pizzas, pastries, all the KFC, MacD type of foods, french fries.....

Food high in carbs surely are very tasty because the sugar content is high and that also induces craving so we keep going back to them again and again, it's a feel good factor to the brain.


I am not saying we should not have carbs. They are very essential for our body, as they give us the energy. But we need to make choices of healthy carbs. Carbs should be consumed in the form of fibre rich foods like Apples, Bananas, Berry fruits, whole grains, sweet potatoes, oats, beans, some nuts, seeds, vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, spinach. Basically foods high in fibre. Bread is one of the stable food but it too has a good amount of carbs in it, so one can make healthy choices by replacing it with bread made of whole grains, or almond flour, or tortillas made from rice flour. These foods give more of healthy fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and they are antioxidants.
We need to make selection between Whole foods and Refined foods. Refined foods are very high with unhealthy carbs and should be avoided. Where as whole food too have carbs but they are healthy carbs.

Refined foods increases the inflammation in the body and this is the root cause of most of the diseases, it triggers various types of autoimmune conditions. Hence it is best to avoid them. A high carb diet will make us feel sluggish and lazy, whereas a diet high in fiber will make us feel energetic and lively.

I believe that our Nutritional goals are the most important goals of our lives and what we eat is a part of us, it makes us a healthy or a unhealthy person, so it's important to make right choices. Hope you find this article useful.

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