Blurt is like Twitter … use #hashtags to find your Tribe

in hashtags •  2 months ago  (edited) is a more like Twitter or Instagram than the other Blockchains …

You just click on the #hashtags to find the content or #tribe you are looking for.

It is Engineered to maximize the Social curation algorithms already used on Twitter, Instagram, Google etc …

For example you click #blurtmusic tag to find music posts …. You click #blurtart tag to find art posts …. You click #blurtphoto tag to find photography … #offgridlife to find posts about sustainable and Offgrid living

#blurtish for Blurt blog posts shared on Twitter

#instablurt for Blurt Selfies …

#blurtphone for the @blurtphone game etc …

These hashtags are Curated by Blurt Curators with lots of Blurtpower ….

@blurtmusic @blurtart @blurtphoto @blurtlove @blurtbot @offgridlife @blurtphone

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Blurt is great, I'll have more free time soon
To be active and explore blurt

Blurt is used more like Twitter and Instagram than the other Graphene chains, but I still "curate" accordingly.

Most people are used to those kinds of social media site, so they use Blurt, Hive, et cetera in the same way.

On Blurt, the culture is different from the culture on other sister chains, so it's more acceptable to use it as a Twitter or Instagram alternative.

You can also write long posts, too. You have the freedom to post whatever you want.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Yes... you can pretty much do anything on Blurt and Usually the very best Original content gets the best rewards. I’m seeing a lot of new and original
bloggers posting on Blurt ... many from the old Steemit days. Many from Appics, Hive, Leo, ProofofBrain etc ....

The best thing about Blurt is that you don’t have somebody constantly downvoting short content. That’s just brutal. Sometimes a beautiful Photograph with a few words or short story is worth $1,000

Shared with 300 Million people on Twitter #blurtlove

Awesome, good job!

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