Things that make me happy

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When it comes to my plants, I am far more emotionally invested than I want to admit. . .
When I see any of my babies bringing a new shoot, a new leaf, I literally get so excited and happy, its like Christmas to a 5 year old.


So allow me to share my excitement in pictures with you, as my Monstera brings a new leaf to life 🙏🏻














Isn't she a beauty? 🥺

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I love seeing plants with new leaves shooting out of them it always makes me feel alive and healthy just like the plant.

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I hear you, my plants really reflect the mental state I am in. . .
When they looking happy and healthy, it makes me know im doing things right with myself too. . .

  ·  last month  ·  

Just like a blue sky and or a grey sky they reflect on what sort of day we are going to have :)

  ·  last month  ·   (edited)

Maaaatttteee.... I feel the same seeing a new leaf!! Had to trim and repot mine so it's smaller than it was but here's my baby...


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Plus you made me look... I have four new leaves!!


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Oh my days!!! So pretty!!!! 😍😍😍

And the new leaves 🙌🏻🙏🏻💜 mine too have another one ive just noticed 🙏🏻💜

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Aren't they just divine? I love them. My Nana had a huge one in her courtyard -- it shouldnt' have grown in that climate but she had such a microclimate going on - and it even fruited! Did you know they are alsocalled fruit salad plants and fruit in the tropics?

  ·  last month  ·  

Im very impressed she managed to keep them alive in this climate. 👏🏻

I only heared it being referred to as the Adam plant, with the story, that the reason why the leaves are assymetrical in the amount of gaps they have on each side, is because the leaf represents Adam, and the reason why there are one less gaps on one side of the leaf, is because that is the rib he gave to Eve.
That was the moment i bought my first one.
LoL, im such a sentimental Pisces. 😅

Your Monstera Delicisa looks healthy and beautiful. My Monstera is tiny for some reason.

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They take a long time to grow. I have another one, very young one. Only 4 leaves and 3 of them are tiny, only the latest one has that bigger shape, but still not as big as on this. I reckon it takes 3-4 years to get to this size.

  ·  last month  ·  

Maybe the warmth makes a difference. Come summer, I have to hack my way through the house with a machete ...

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Yes, they do take a long time. I have had mine for like 2 months now and I have just seen two new leaves by now.

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Yeah, it will take time to grow, but its nice to observe the process.

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I so love Monstera!

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They are so magnificent 🙌🏻