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Since me and my soul sister, whos on the other side of the world (@riverflows) has been tagging each other back and forth and showing off our greenery, I'll do one more for 'green thursday'. (mostly greens, and some other colours)

Check out her houseplants, just as beautiful as she is 😍
Thursday Green Houseplants! 🪴


This was my string of pearls, which now resting in peace 😭 She didn't like my very humid flat, and decided it was time to die. . .

My favourite spot in my home, is this corner, specificly at about 8-9am, when the sun comes right in.



I like creating little areas of jungles here and there in the flat.
(Some of these are still in recovery after the winter.)


My umbrella plant has been in my life for about 12 years, and last year I did a cutting, so now its little baby sitting right next to it, and is bringing many new leaves at the moment.






I love these little pink flowers, so delicate, i am totally obsessed with them.





Some random love




I didn't take pictures of all my plants, frankly, cause I couldn't be bothered. (And some are camera shy 😅)
They mostly in my sitting room, cause the bedroom is way too dark for them, only one is in there now.
There some more in the kitchen, maybe next time they will be featured too.

Check out @gardendiary's posts, and tag your green babies.

Garden Diary Curation Post #2: Monstera Deliciousa, Much Weeding, Peas, Birthdays and More Gardening Things


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That is amazing you do have the green thumb as they say having plants around the house or apartment certainly keeps the smile on your face watching them thrive and are healthy for you to be around they are all gorgeous and the string of pearls looked great a shame it's pass away.

Thank you. I love them loads 😍
String of pearls are better in warm places, so perhaps your home might be ideal.
Send pics of your plants 🌱

You are right @petrapurple the conditions here are ideal for them pearls I must go out to the flower nursery and pick up a set.

I have just moved into my new apartment been here just on 2 weeks now but intend to go and buy some plants real soon then I will do a post on them :)

oh that is gonna be such a nice new home gift 🤗

Yep looking forward to putting some nice happy plants in my new apartment :)

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Firstly, yes you are my soul sister, we have so much in common it's crazy!

Your space is just gorgeous.

I haven't had an umbrella plant in YEARS... I have forgotten about them! I can't imagine dusting all those tiny leaves. Yours is so healthy and gorgeous. I've never had a string of pearls but it's so pretty, shame it died.

Plants totally make a space, don't they? Do you put them in the shower for a water and wash or out in the rain?

Lol that pic.

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Firstly, yes you are my soul sister, we have so much in common it's crazy!

You would totally be my BFF if we lived on the same continent 💗
Maybe some day. . .who knows where we will be in years time.

Your space is just gorgeous.

Thank you. I love this place. But Im in the process of manifesting a new home (not quite yet, but soon).
I want a garden. And more space (so i can have more plants 😅)
Anyways, Ive decided the Universe will gift me a house with a garden 🙏🏻 (and I always get what I want)

I do put the plants in the shower sometimes, or when its raining i just put them on the balcony.

And i dont dust the leaves much 🙈

Plants totally make a space, don't they?

Yes!!! Makes all the difference. Whenever i visit peoples homes who doesnt have plants, i just dont get it . . .
Love bringing the outside inside.
When i moved to this flat two years ago i had far more plants but so many died here because of the humidity. . .

Too humid or not humid enough?

Oh yes you'll get what you want if you ask the universe alright!!! It's coming! Would you move out of London for it?

Way too humid. . .

Would you move out of London for it?

Totes! I am open to possibilities. I like not to overplan, and go with the flow. Even with the house i said "this or better" 😅
But yeah, i fancy the idea of outside of London. Perhaps even outside the UK. . .

The way I ended up in London, was, that I came here for two weeks, to visit a friend, and when I got here, all the signs said, I should stay, so I stayed. 14years later, still here.

I know i just have to follow the signs and my intuition. . .

That's the best way to do it. Say 'yes' to where the flow is taking you. Your heart and gut knows a lot! Sounds like you need to get moving - probably long overdue, as I suppose COVID kept you put as well!

Yeah. . .i probably would have been gone by now if they didnt decide to bring covid in. . .but in many ways im glad Im still here.
I wouldnt be on this platform if I left the Uk. . .
I met Sarah just days before they announced the first lock down. And weirdly, two months later, I relocated for a short time, and we became neighbours for a summer. And she has been bugging me ever since to get on to blockchain. I didnt like the energy of it then, which now i totally understand why (obvs we talking about hive and steemit at first), and it only just shifted a couple of months ago, that i felt her talking about it in a different energy, and had a really strong guidance to come up here. Totally worth it!!! Its my new addiction 😅😂🤣

That's awesome... Sometimes things are meant to be? !!!?

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