Introducing a New NFT Community - Come Share

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With the massive influx in NFT games, we are going to need a place to talk and find information out about them. when it comes to hive and the massive opportunity that communities and tribes have brought it is the perfect spot. With the introduction of the 1up tribe ( I am not the founder) you are able to sign up for a hive account and then head over to and sign in. You can sign up at but We can leave all the sign up guides for another post this one is about the new NFT gaming community.


You can post about all #play2earngames from any and all chains. You can already find a load of rising star and splinterlands content, so would be awesome to see content from other games and other chains to help spread the type of content we see. No NFT content will be pushed away as long as it is orginal content and quality. Meaning don't just come to share your ref link or just spam your NFTs make the post about something.

You can find the token for sale on the hive-engine tribaldex leodex exchanges, These all lead to the same exchange but different tools and front end. So far the price has not really found much of a floor but you can earn early by making quality posts.


You can find and talk to others in the discord outside of making posts. This is aiming to become a huge NFT community joining all types of play2earn games from all chains. So spread the word far and wide that a new place to talk and share NFT content.

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Awesome will check it out…. Welcome back to Blurt. 🤬 🚀 🌙 get ready for the moon…