The Gamestate TribalDEX IDO Begins!

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We are proud to announce that official Gamestate tokens (STATE) are now available on In this tutorial you will learn how to buy Gamestate STATE (SWAP.STATE) tokens on Hive-Engine via

Gamestate is launching 11.83% of its STATE token supply on Hive-Engine, followed closely by the Polygon main IDO event early in December.

The STATE token is native to the Polygon blockchain but has been bridged on TribalDEX to allow the Graphene and Splinterlands communities the ability to purchase STATE at early bird prices via our exclusive boutique IDO and participate in our brand new SWAP.DFY-SWAP.STATE liquidity pool to earn reward incentives.

STATE tokens will be offered at a starting price of 0.005 USD, incrementing upwards by 0.001 USD in tiered batches, up to to a target price of 0.016 USD ahead of the Polygon IDO.

Following the Hive-Engine IDO, the remaining STATE tokens will be made available on select Launchpads on Polygon, in price incrementing tiers, starting at 0.017 USD.

How to Participate in the STATE Token IDO

Step 1- Create a Hive account

First, you will learn how to make a Hive account!

(skip this step if you’ve already have a Hive account and move on to step 2)

Go to and choose one of the free or paid methods to create a new Hive account.

Step 2- Install Keychain

Next, we will show you how to download the Hive Keychain extension to access TribalDEX. After that, we will use TribalDEX to purchase STATE(SWAP.STATE) with HIVE(SWAP.HIVE) on the exchange.

Go to, download the extension, and set up the wallet using your login and master password.

Then go over to and login. It will prompt you to connect your Hive Wallet. After your wallet is paired you will need to fund your wallet with Hive, unless you already have a funded account.

Click on the small wallet icon next to your username on the top right of the page:

It will then take you to the wallet page:

Step 3- Deposit Funds

Next, you will want to fund your account. Click on the blue “Deposit” button under the heading “WALLET”

Select a token you’d like to send into the exchange to receive the equivalent amount minus fees in your TribalDEX wallet.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we will use the easiest route to buy STATE which means sending HIVE into the exchange.

Note that there is a small fee of 1 % for making deposits on other tokens than Ethereum, ERC-20, BNB, BEP-20, Polygon (Matic) and Polygon ERC-20. Ethereum / BSC and Polygon will only incur network gas fees.

Deposit the desired value of HIVE. Enter the amount you would like to deposit and click “Deposit HIVE.”

When you have done all the steps correctly, you should see your HIVE WALLET open a small screen where it will ask you to approve the transfer.

Click “CONFIRM” to approve the transfer request.

After a few moments, you will receive a notification that your transfer was successful. As you can see we now have 15.097 SWAP.HIVE which we can use to purchase SWAP.STATE for on the exchange.

Now you have funded your account with HIVE or traded for some on Tribaldex (we used HIVE as an example but you can use any of the bridged cryptocurrencies to bring liquidity into TribalDEX and change to SWAP.HIVE later).

Step 4 - Buy SWAP-STATE

On TribalDEX you will want to click on the exchange tab in the top right and search for SWAP.STATE

Search for SWAP.STATE from the dropdown menu and press “Enter” on your keyboard.

Below you can see we have found the SWAP.STATE order book. SWAP.HIVE is now ready to be exchanged for SWAP.STATE

This entire process only takes a few minutes so don't be overwhelmed if you are new to the ecosystem, we assure you it is quite easy!

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and are ready to get started. Go ahead and make your first purchase of SWAP.STATE.

Congratulations, you are now officially a STATEHOLDER!

Step 5- Earn Incentives by funding the Liquidity Pools

Reward incentivised swap pools will be created on TribalDex, along with IDO partners,, and; launched with their respective base pairs SWAP.DFY, SWAP.BLURT and the native (non-SWAP) SPS tokens.

The IDO will kick off with the SWAP.DFY-SWAP.STATE pool, allowing users at least 24 hours to begin adding tokens to the pool before incentive rewards are activated.

In order to participate in the pool, you will need to purchase SWAP.DFY tokens on TribalDEX, or if the market doesn't have sufficient sell orders then you can swap BNB or other tokens for DFY on the Binance Smart Chain network via Pancakeswap by adding this contract address to the token exchange page as well as to Metamask assets.

Once you have acquired DFY, you can bridge the tokens over to Hive-Engine by clicking the wallet page and the "DEPOSIT" button, and repeating the above process except for choosing BEP-20 tokens (DFY) instead of Hive as the deposit currency.

Next, go to the pools page and add the required amount of each token and then simply wait for the reward incentives to be activated.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements from Gamestate!

Disclaimer: Digital currencies are highly volatile and risky, you may lose money buying, selling, holding, or investing in digital currencies. You should carefully consider whether trading or holding Digital Currencies is suitable for you in light of your financial condition and the laws of your country of origin or current residence. Gamestate shall have no liability for any kind of losses suffered whatsoever.










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I am very happy to visit your statement. Because this is an important announcement. So many thanks for bringing it and describing explaining it so nicely and easily. I'm very interested. It is a sessful game.I was empresed by this. A lot of than for discussing and I totally agree with your idealistic statment.

Just tweeted this for some exposure.


@gamestate @megadrive

How can it be that the liquidity I deposit in the form of tokens decreases from yesterday to today ?
Yesterday still had Quote Quantity :8040 SWAP.STATE
and today only
Quote Quantity :7688.898 SWAP.STATE
That is a minus of 4.36% within 24 hours.

My Base Quantity of SWAP.DFY has increased instead.
However, the rewards I get do not compensate for the loss of SWAP.STATE by far.

Thought i make money with pool and dont loose it ?
I already made an support Ticket but maybee u 2 can also answer it .

Bildschirmfoto von 2021-11-27 08-42-58.png

Bildschirmfoto von 2021-11-28 08-00-36.png

If got an email from support:
"The value of the tokens you pooled decreased vs hive. If you put tokens in a pool that is paired with hive, then it generally doesn't change much. In a pool like that though, it will jump all over the place with the price changes of the tokens. It's basically telling you "the tokens you have in this pool are worth about this much in HIVE at the moment." It doesn't change what you have in the pool."

So did not loose any Money it is only not shown correct and not good explained.

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I visit this site. This is an important announcement. Thanks a lot for bringing it and describing it so nicely and easily. I'm very interested. This is another great initiative.

@megadrive this is so awesome keep going #blurt and #swap.state

Thanks for the appreciation and the Tweet!

you're welcome

Thank you so much for discussing such a beautiful detail.This is a sessful game.I liked this game very much.

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Great initiative. Congratulations

I think the gamestate will have a better position in the hive-engine. It will not take long to go to such a trending stage.
When gamestate started trading on Hive-Engine, I bought 564 gamestate coins with 1 experimental Hive. I think everyone can make a good profit by trading gamestate coins. GOOD LUCK GAMESTATE

This is a important and great announcement.
This is a sessful game.
I liked this game very much. Then I showed my friends.Those people also liked it very much. Everyone welcomed this game. In the end I thank @megadrive.

Wow, great just buying some state.

I have retweeted and replied in twitter


good news

Hive engine official announcement


Welcome Gangster Tribaldex IDO
Thank you for giving us a very good idea about Gamestar. We can make some income from here. I hope I don't understand these things very well. But you edit this I haven't realized the importance of this so far. I think we're going to get something good out of it. Students in Event Student Life are getting a part-time job opportunity. Thank you so much.

Most welcome The Gamestate TribalDEX IDO!
It's very sweet and smooth to see that it has begun. Now we can invest and trade in this exciting platform.
By the way, you guys have explained its all steps very perfectly. You have made it quite easy.
Thanks a lot for bringing it and describing it so nicely and easily.

This is very important announcement .
And it's very happy moment that now we ca buy now it's tokek.
It was very necessary to announce details how to buy tokens
Thank you very much for this

We all welcome this game. I liked it so I reblurted this
Screenshot her


Tokenomics question - is STATE token inflationary? (assuming yes because there is plan to give "UBI" to users) what will be annual inflation rate? Is 1B total initial supply? (including team, VC, airdrops, advisors, ...)

read whitepaper + pitch, but those things are not clear to me.

P.S. My very first interaction on BLURT :)

Hi, welcome to Blurt! I am co-founder of both Blurt and Gamestate.

So there will be 1 Bln initial supply on the Polygon network including team and everything, starting onboarding incentive emissions will be 33% of the total supply.

Later we will launch further 9 x 1 bln to onboard 9 other blockchain communities such as BSC, Solana etc. Each will have 33% emissions in the first year.

Second year emissions will be by governance decision.

This is another good news from you dear megadrive. Everyday blury surprise us with new miracle. Wish a better future of blurt.

This is goodnews.
A lot of developments are coming to blurt everyday.
Shared on my Facebook page.

If u have swap.hive on hive-engine you can use this in TribalDex as well right ?

Yes exactly!


I just visited but nothing could do. Because I am new as a system. It is easy but for me hard. But next opportunity I want to try catch.

Nice to hear this , will buy some tokens for sure. Thanks for the tutorial as it will help new comers or people who don't have enough knowledge about how to purchase.

Shared with my Instagram followers on Instagram :


Thank You.

You are absolutely right. I support your point. And I thank @megadrive who has brought us a better game.

He has always done things that has benefited us in short or long term. Believe is something that's important , so just believe and we all will smile together at at he end of this journey.

Thank you so much for discussing such a beautiful detail.


good news

I have been waiting since yesterday to get a detailed post about this because I did not understand how to do it. Now I fully understand and know. Thank you very much to the blurt community. To do


Yeah! we should thank @megadrive sir that he reblurted it and we heard a great news of The Gamestate TribalDEX IDO. Now we should buy it's tokens and trade in this exciting platform.

Thank you very much. Very important. An opinion you shared. You are right. We need to treat now so that the value of the point is much more valuable.