Gamestate Launches Hive-Engine Pool Rewards - SWAP.DFY:SWAP.STATE!

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Almost 10 million STATE tokens have been sold so far in the Gamestate boutique IDO on Hive-Engine, a decentralised exchange with its own validator set, smart-contracts, NFT's and bridges to Polygon, Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum.

We coined the term "boutique IDO" as a description of an exclusive token offering aimed at specific communities.

In this case Hive-Engine served our purpose of bringing Gamestate (Polygon) together with our partner communities - (BSC), Blurt.Blog (Hive-Engine) and (Hive-Engine).

Tokens bridged from other blockchains show the SWAP prefix, while tokens native to Hive-Engine do not.

Partner Sponsored Rewards Pool has kindly sponsored SWAP.DFY token rewards for this pool, bridged in from Binance Smart Chain, in conjunction with SWAP.STATE rewards supplied by Gamestate for an initial 300% starting APR and running for 180 days with a 1% rewards bonus for early liquidity providers in the first 30 days. Topups will be available for the duration of the IDO to keep the rewards interesting.

Hive-Engine pools are quoted in $HIVE and thus require a Hive account from

To participate you will need to purchase both SWAP.STATE and SWAP.DFY tokens from Hive-Engine, if there aren't sufficient SWAP.DFY sell orders on the market you will need to purchase DFY on Binance Smart Chain and bridge over. See instructions at the end of this post.

Pools can be found by logging into Beeswap or TribalDEX alternate interfaces to Hive-Engine.

Beeswap Pool

TribalDEX Diesel Pools

SPS and SWAP.BLURT pools and rewards to come with 4-5 day intervals between each. As a bonus for selling out on the Hive-Engine IDO, Gamestate will at that time, initiate a DEC:SWAP.STATE rewards pool as thanks to the Hive-Engine and Splinterlands communities.

How to create a Hive account and get SWAP.STATE

Please check out our previous post for details:

How to get SWAP.DFY!

Option 1 - Purchase on TribalDEX

Step 1 - Visit the tokens page

Step 2 - Type DFY in the search bar and click on the token listing.

Step 3 (a) - Place a market buy order and enter in the amount of HIVE you want to sell for DFY. Note prices are denominated in HIVE, so to get USD simply times the ASK price 0.033 x the current HIVE USD price = 0.033 x $2.10 = 0.0693 USD per DFY.

Step 3 (b) = Use the swap feature instead to swap STATE for DFY, by visiting

Since at the time of writing, the only available DFY pool pair is STATE, you can swap between SWAP.STATE and SWAP.DFY.

OPTION 2 - Bridge DFY from Binance Smart Chain

Step 1 - Install Metamask Chrome extension remember to save your seed phrase and private keys and keep them safe.

Step 2 - Add Binance Smart Chain to Metamask

Step 3 - Import DFY as token asset to Metamask using this contract address: 0xd98560689c6e748dc37bc410b4d3096b1aa3d8c2

Step 4 - Purchase DFY on Dexes like Pancakeswap. You may have to add DFY manually using the contract above.

Step 5 - Bridge to TribalDEX

Click the wallet icon or use this link

Click the "Deposit" button

Select BEP20 token from the dropdown menu and follow the prompts, you will need to have a little bit of HIVE to sign a transaction. Please ask in if you get stuck.

Funding the Pool

Step 1 - Visit the "Add Liquidity" pools page

Step 2 - Type "state" in the search bar to view all SWAP.STATE pools, select the SWAP.DFY pair pool.

Step 3 - Add the desired amount of SWAP.DFY base token, the equivalent SWAP.DFY will be calculated.

Step 4 - Add liquidity

Click the "Add Liquidity" button and then you are all done!!

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements from Gamestate!

Disclaimer: Digital currencies are highly volatile and risky, you may lose money buying, selling, holding, or investing in digital currencies. You should carefully consider whether trading or holding Digital Currencies is suitable for you in light of your financial condition and the laws of your country of origin or current residence. Gamestate shall have no liability for any kind of losses suffered whatsoever.










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You have described Very gentle , that how to create Hive account and how to purchase TribalDEX .
And i am very happy to know that almost 10 million STATE tokens have been sold so far in the Gamestate boutique IDO on Hive-Engine, and people are showing their interests in this chain

Thank you for supporting on Blurt and on Twitter

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coin swap.state and blurt are tough competitors to other coins on hive-engine. let's go to the moon with blurt and swap.state and swap.dfy

Yes they are, soon they will be in the top 3!

we will be competitors #Splintershards 😎

Blurt and Gamestate don't believe in competitors, only synergies

yes 👍

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The time I was waiting for, that time has come. I am very happy to see this post. And my friends also saw it people were also very happy. That's why my friends were all waiting for this too. For this I thank @megadrive on behalf of me and my friends.
Now we will all buy together.

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What a great news we are seeing and hearing : almost 10 million state tokens have been purchased in few days. It's really pleasant thing. It will grow more rapidly next days.

I agree with you. I pray to Allah to give it further development. And may the hard work of @megadirve be successful.

Thank you so much, hey did you know that Blurt is listed on the Islamic finance exchange ? It doesn't have much volume there, maybe you can get your community using it.

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