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Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
-Albert Einstein

Gamestate is a cross-chain, multi-world megaverse nexus, uniting gamers, fans, developers, creators, and merchants in a place of fun, discovery, and learning. Gamestate offers sales channels for games, apps, advertising, gaming equipment, music, media, and general merchandise, as well as a Rocket Launchpad accelerator for indie game startups.

Unified profiles solve the problem of fragmented gaming accounts and achievements; allowing gamers to create and import their existing game profiles and leaderboard ranks, collated into a single portable, immutable, privacy-centric, achievements-based blockchain digital identity profile for the ultimate in flexing and bragging rights!

Launch Plan



Gamestate will hold a boutique IDO on Hive-engine around the 25th to 30th November 2021. STATE tokens will be minted on Polygon and added to via the creation of a Polygon bridge.

The SWAP.STATE tokens will be sold in a cascading IDO, where tokens will be released incrementally to the market in daily escalating batch sizes and increasing offer prices.

SWAP.STATE tokens will immediately have utility in Tribaldex liquidity provisioning Diesel pools created in a variety of flavours:


Partial token sale proceeds will be used to purchase SPS and bootstrap initial liquidity on the STATE-SPS pool.

Our launch partners will storm into Hive-engine/Tribaldex via a BSC bridge to add SWAP.DFY to the lineup and liquidity provision on the SWAP.STATE-SWAP.DFY pair.

The Hive-Engine team is working on adding the official SWAP.BLURT token which was reserved but never activated. This will add standard and convenient withdrawal options to the Hive-Engine interface via officially supported gateways. The Blurt foundation will provide the SWAP.BLURT liquidity required for the SWAP.STATE-SWAP.BLURT Diesel pool pair.

The SWAP.STATE token can be withdrawn directly to the Polygon network for participation in further liquidity provisioning on IDO launches during December 2021.

Synergy Launch Partners


Gamestate has partnered with Splinterlands on its startup launch journey, in a mutually symbiotic hype initiative. Splinterlands will feature in the bulk of Gamestate media promotions and in turn, Gamestate will benefit from Splinterlands promoting Gamestate to its massive userbase, growing at a rate of 500 thousand incremental sessions per week.

The launch of the Gamestate megaverse MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in 2022 will feature a launch party for Splinterlands fans to celebrate in the Gamestate WAGMI stadium, followed by the launch of an actual 3D rocket to the moon to commemorate the event.

Post IDO, we will be looking to collaborate with DJs and music artists to play at the event.

Gamestate will give back to the Splinterlands community for being the first major blockchain game to believe in our vision, by using some of the proceeds of the boutique IDO to purchase SPS tokens to bootstrap the liquidity pool.

The Gamestate IDO will feature a powerful lineup of synergy partners and the might of the Vietnamese blockchain and gaming development sector via development launch partners VRTech and Blockchain Developer Asia, combined having over 300+ strong developer talents to draw from.

Check out the teaser video for the full lineup of synergy partners, more details on their collaboration to feature in future posts.

Blurt @enginedrop Attestation Airdrop

1% (One Percent) of the 1 Billion initial STATE token supply will be airdropped onto BLURT POWER stakeholders at an appropriate time during the IDO as SWAP.STATE on and the alternative user interface.

Similar to the Cosmosdrop attestation, the Blurt Foundation has set up an @enginedrop account to receive attestations of user Hive-Engine accounts.

Step 1.

If you don't already have a Hive account, visit the signup page and create one:

Remember to save your keys in a safe place.

Step 2:

Create a Blurt account on if you don't already have one.

Pro-tip: Choose to pay in crypto and pay in Blurt, which only costs 50 Blurt to create an account. Obtain BLURT from and withdrawal using the required memo.

Remember to save your keys in a safe place.

Step 3.

Send your Hive address in a memo to @enginedrop.

3.1 Visit

3.2. Click on the dropdown on the liquid balance and select 'Transfer'

3.3. Send a memo with your Hive account address to the @enginedrop account

Only costs 0.001 BLURT plus negligible fees to send!

Special thanks to @saboin for building the attestation user interface!

Step 4.

Confirm attestation.

4.1. Visit

4.2. Enter your Blurt username and click "submit". This should return details of both your @cosmosdrop and @enginedrop attestations.

Step 5.

If you haven't done the @cosmosdrop attestation, please follow the instructions on the post below to be eligible for future Cosmos airdrops.

Standard Disclaimer: Claimdrops may or may not occur, they will be done on a best-effort basis and may not eventuate, but it is a good idea to attest because @enginedrop will become a cache of active user credentials. The more attestations, the more interesting the Blurt community becomes to other projects seeking to bootstrap a community via airdrops.







Website [Coming soon]



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Halo friends, I wanted to make my first post, but the power of my Post wasn't enough. Does a friend have a solution?

I believe it . It is hundred percent true.
This is a working project. I don't have doubts about the future of blurt. My hands will be on desk to take this project to a new horizon. Nice post, thanks.

This is real master piece to the blurt community. This will really boast the growth of blurt and splinterland. Can't wait for the lunch of gamestate
wow, very interesting event on blurt.
im so excited. an im all in

I am very interested and happy to read your idealistic post in the blog blurt.In fact, I feel your justice like a leader in blurt which should be followed by heart!

very promising business

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This is just superb ideas and I can't wait to have a full stake...

Thank you
Good Projekt

I am brand new here on Blurt. Site is hanging a bit for me so won't accept any follows yet or anything much. I'll try again this eve but see if this comment posts ;-) thanks for the info will work through the process steps this eve.

Ohh this is rad, on it now.

This is a working project. I don't have doubts about the future of blurt. My hands will be on desk to take this project to a new horizon.

This is real master piece to the blurt community. This will really boast the growth of blurt and splinterland. Can't wait for the lunch of gamestate.

wow, very interesting event on blurt.
im so excited. an im all in

This content is interesting

im investing in metaverse i bought some sand and mana

What a great thing you have come with! You genius guys always try to bring some masterpieces to make the blurt ecosystem more. You earn high praises from us. Thank you for contriving this.

Thanks for Updating us...

thanks a lot for that manual, it was super helpful!!

I have joined in 14
Blurt Enginedrop

It is screenshot her

easy enough... done!
Thanks for the heads-up

I joined .discord.gamestate
Screenshot her



This is the best time to join blurt platform, so many great partnership which will bring great turn around for the platform

What a great thing you have come with! You genius guys always try to bring some masterpieces to make the blurt ecosystem better. You deserve high praises from us. Thank you for inventing this.

I am very excited and happy. When I saw this post and I read this blog again with great enthusiasm I thought I would do less in this.

That's good job from blurt continuously. I am now only love to stay with blurt till my last breath.

It's really great, blurt has a good quality upgrade in this month, I hope, blurt continues to grow and become a good blockchain platform. 🎉🎉

This is great. Looking forward to the launch of @gamestate. Will carry out the attestation right away.

Another reason that will motivate people for powering up blurt. I am all done and in for both the drops if there will be any.

I want to ask that my hive Username is kamran-rkploy and Blurt username is kamranrkploy i hope that will not be a problem megadrive.

Thank you

Yes it can be different no problem.

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I'm all in in both drops, I might get something or not, doesn't matter the important thing is I am following the flow and things will be looking good whatever does happen with these drops.

Awesome, pretty sure you will get something, depends on how much Blurt Power you hold compared to others.

This is absolutely right
And it is a wonderful ideas

Gamestate has partnered with Splinterlands on its startup launch journey, in a mutually symbiotic hype initiative. Splinterlands will feature in the bulk of Gamestate media promotions and in turn, Gamestate will benefit from Splinterlands promoting

Aha..hh Blurt has lot potential to grow further .It should deserve $1.00. No worry soon we touching that level.I believe on blurt community. Splinterland featuring is serious concern to boom this project to moon soon.🚀

In 100% agreement! 🚀🚀🚀

Hey hey gamestate, selling the tickets to go to the games. See you with Blurt on the Moon and beyond.
What will the good vibes be like in the metaverse? Oh lala !! how many beautiful and wonderful things we have on the list.
Successes Blurt family.
Good vibes... ;)

Good vibes can take any form in the metaverse, from chilling with friends at the beach or having a drink together in the virtual pub. See you there!

done with both and looking to be rich soon ;-)

Just kidding - all for the fun and the beer

Cheers, we must organise a virtual pub in the metaverse, I will put it on the list.

Gracias por compartir tu publicación en #Blurt. Tu esfuerzo significa mucho para nosotros; por eso has recibido un voto positivo.

Te invito a votar por @blurtlatam como Testigo / Witness


Giving two drops in a row, then everyone has to understand how far Blurt is going to take their project, no one can even imagine. Sincere thanks to the Blurt members

Potentially a third, still working on that one with the client. :)

I've done the attestationing @megadrive @jacobgadikian :P


Cosmos address is ---> cosmos1pz5vljl9f0xr0hp4mrmphsrley6nlu2d4cvxj5

Nice one! Welcome to the party!

Amazing! Nice job, I’ll do this soon, thanks!

This really brings great improvement to the community

Can't wait for it to be launched!!!!!!
Blockchain + Gaming + Earning.....
Blurt all the way.

Wow. Sending .001 now…

Woot woot!

Fantastic. Reblogged and attested for Hive-Engine.

Great work, would love to see some Gamestate X-box cars!

Working in it ….


Will try one. I have to build the logo up from scratch using shapes … so might not be perfect . Will give it a try …

Awesome. Reblogged. #gamestate

this is an interesting game project, I really support this game, I will try it with the steps you describe in this post.

Nice initiative, having fun (gaming) and earning all in one package.
Blurt team members are working really hard to make Blurt Great. Thanks to all the team members.
Blurt 🚀🚀🚀

Thanks for being part of our awesome community.

This game start up is no doubt an impressive one.
Having already done the @cosmosdrop attestation.
I just did the @enginedrop attestation.
I am happy to have participated in the airdrop.
I hope to increase my blurt power before the formal distributions.

Thanks for the compliment. Fyi when the snapshot is taken the current Blurt Power is used, we are taking the @cosmosdrop one quite soon, maybe even tomorrow. The @enginedrop one you still have till near end Nov.

Thank you for the information sir
I will work towards making some more blurt purchase before tomorrow afternoon. If not feasible,then i will suspend it and buy more with respect to @enginedrop own.

Fantastic, thanks for your enthusiasm!

Another beautiful development from the Blurt team. I blessed the day I join this platform.. kudos to all the team members.

The team appreciates your kind words!

i have to say this is very very cool

Thanks for sharing on your socials!

Sometimes I also share my posts on twitter with good hashtags, so people know the Blurt platform can benefit many people.
Thank you for your kind feedback 🥰🥰🤗🤗

Interesting for the platform, adding liquidity in will greatly affect the users there.

It’s a win for everyone! Crypto should be about synergies.

I agree, hopefully big wins will come soon, I'm sure Blurt can bounce. 🥰

Thank you for this flawless tutorial.
My submission went smoothly.


That’s thanks to @saboin’s awesome attestation system!

This is a great opportunity for us to participate in. Thank you for your time and effort. I am all in.

Sweet, I’m pumped!

Successfully participated in the @enginedrop attestation. Looking forward to more users joining. It's worthy to note that I have already done the Cosmos attestation too.

Blurt to the world!!

Great, Done

Just .. wow!
I am IN!
It kind of sounds too exciting to be true but .. we got to be visionaires!

-- edit ---
What should I do regarding COSMOS attestation?

Agreed, great things are created twice, once in the mind and then again in reality.

Regarding the cosmosdrop for the digchain airdrop please follow instructions on this link

Please do soon as we are finalising that airdrop tomorrow hopefully.

Thank you! I just finished the attestation also for COSMOS!
Great things ahead :)

This is very nice, I have been way to late to start on splinterland, and I would definitely not going to miss this one.

All the best guys. .

Nice to have you with us early!

its my pleasure, and thanks for your hardworks.

just finish my attestation. : )

One thing amazing with blurt, always full of surprises ☺️☺️☺️.. Participating right away!!

Glad you are entertained,buckle your seatbelts, will be quite a ride!

Thank you,,!! BLURT TO THE WORLD

This is one of the best of it's kind gaming and earning this is superb

Gaming, earning and connecting in the metaverse!

I really love this I wish to know more.

It's impressive the exponential work made by community with limited resources. Congratulations, you are awesome

I believe financial resources and talent only get you so far, imagination is the gateway to a better tomorrow.

I agree. Today is more and more cheaper to make things done. Human creativity and courage makes the difference

Wow iam in
More whale to come

Bring in all the sea life! :)

it will be very interesting now
thank you for your hard work and all your team

Just .. wow!
I am IN!
It kind of sounds too exciting to be true but .. we got to be visionaires!

The VR space is already being constructed, will share some pics in the coming weeks. Glad to have you aboard, please follow the Gamestate socials.

This is impressive. I would like to keep getting updates about this so, I've already checked out the YouTube about used to post the video. #instantfollow 😂. Same goes for this blurt Account.

Honestly, this whole gaming thing have already been throwing me off balance, but I don't mind trying.

About the @enginedrop, I just did mine and it recorded in the attestation user interface. As for the @cosmosdrop, I would have to start by grabbing a my Cosmos address.

Any idea about how to do that?

Please join all our socials for updates! This is the post for the @cosmosdrop, please do the attestation today as we want to close the Digchain one off now, Digchain might launch end Nov, but need to collate attestations tomorrow.

Nice! I successfully did mine.
That is a well detailed post. Thanks for all your good works

Thanks for your participation and appreciation.

the time has come 😎

thank you team for working hard

Gamestate will achieve unicorn status through excellence at every touch-point, starting from grassroots. Every idea, decision, and implementation will be considered in the face of future unicorn status.

Gamestate will never compromise on its value and worth, with base targets of 1 Billion founding company valuation and 100+ Billion STATE cryptocurrency valuation goals in the next two years. #WAGMI


thats cool

This is what I like about dev Blurt. Full of unexpected surprises!

This is not the end of the surprises! Blurt will be the greatest show you ever bought tickets to. :)


When they used to say gaming spoil you, but now gaming helps you earn. Time has come for gamers.