The struggle for freedom continues in Canada

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After being part of anti-lockdown rallies and then Freedom Convoy, I noticed the public lost interest in activism when Ukraine replaced Covid in the corporate media news cycle. But it's not over! We know the globalist takeover will continue. My wife and I, with our newborn baby and our toddler, have attended the local freedom rally 6 Saturdays in a row! Since it has been a while, I want to show a few photographs I took yesterday, to show the world we haven't given up and gone away!

There's my amazing son, who will be 3 in October. We don't force any activism on him, and allow him to decide his own level of participation. He does enjoy the community aspect of these events, and we all look forward to it during the week! The good people we connect with at freedom rallies are the only family we really have, since losing most of our blood family to division around Covid and other issues.

The children are one of the main reasons we're fighting for freedom! Without freedom, we have nothing, because everything else can be taken away if we're not free. We must pass a free world on to the next generation.

For this post I want to focus on the messages I saw at the rally. Here are a few more:

Those are great signs that get straight to the point. We've been rocking these for at least a year now.

There are also some newer messages around nowadays:

Notice the focus on resisting the technocratic globalist slave system. I hear people talking about the cashless economy, central bank digital currencies, "the mark of the beast", and so on. People aren't just worried about the government going overboard on Covid regulations, they're worried about MANY potential sources of tyranny.

Stay tuned for more coverage at the grassroots level here in Okanagan BC Canada!

Thank you to everyone doing their part to advance Liberty! Nothing is more important than our freedom, and we have less of it today than at any point in recent history! It's time to stand up while we still can.

PS: Due to downvote abuse on Hive, I have moved my blogging base of operations to Blurt - please join me there!


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That is awesome that you guys speak up like that. If you don't who will? There should be far more just like you.

Thanks bro. I agree! Half the town should be out, every weekend, and then just keep the pressure on until things change. We get what we'll put up with... and we've put up with far too much for far too long.
If you have a few minutes sometime, and haven't already seen it, I invite you to have a look at the scene in the same location, back in late January (Freedom Convoy). Too bad all those people went back to their couches! The Ukraine thing took over the legacy media cycle, and we went back down to our core group of 50 or so. I have a feeling it's not over, though...

Wow. You should get paid top dollar just to stand out there in the cold. WTF. Reminds me of where I'm from in Albany NY but even worse. You two let me know when you're ready for Mexico or Thailand. Those are my top two bug out countries for these times. I know some have a strong patriotism to their country, but I'd leave just for warmer weather! hahaha And to have Justin Truedope as corrupt globalist in full goodness. But I'm fully aware it's almost impossible for some to just leave so my hat goes off to you guys for making a stand right where you are.

Thanks. Yeah, very hard for us to do anything. We're not against it - we'd love to have options, and we'd consider just about anything! We have no patriotism or sense of duty to Canada or anywhere else. But our situation is complicated, and there's really nothing we can do. I am literally trapped in every possible way. "You're not trapped, you have plenty of options" is the common response we get from people who don't know our situation. It's hard to believe people can become trapped and have no options, but it's true. If it were possible, I would invite interested people to spend a few days in my body, see if they can turn things around, improve anything, make some positive changes. I'd really like to see the results! I'm doing my best in here, and definitely open to specific suggestions. Generally, those who don't know the details say "I'm sure you can figure it out", and those who DO know the details become quiet and change the subject. I appreciate that you understand we're doing the best we can, where we are, with what we've got. Thank you !

Yes, i fully understand. I ve met dozens and dozens of people over the years who are trapped in their locations. I ve even met people who have moved and then become trapped in the place they move to. I once met this lady from Austrailia in Bali. She was a bit strange to say the did too much acid or something. She explained that she overstayed her visa .....10 years ago. And has been living illegally and homelss a the beach in Bali for the past decade and the locals give her food and that is how she survives. So im fully aware, different situations for different people. I know you guys are making the best of your situation, and if it ever changes and you need relocation advice, Im your guy. Until then keep on keep'n on and I ll catch you the next one.

Thanks for understanding! You're definitely our guy when we need advice and help.
Remember those "migrant caravans" from South and Central America, hitting the South border of the USA, sometimes even coming all the way up to Canada?
I was thinking...
How about one in the other direction?
That would give my wife and I options! Not that either of us is able to walk all that far... but at least the border would no longer be an issue!
Tell you what, another thing that could potentially free us, is crypto doing what we all hope it's going to do. If we suddenly had an influx of capital and freedom at the same time, just about anything would be possible. As you know, money doesn't buy happiness, but it can buy all the things that can contribute to us being happy! And safe, and healthy, and connected, and having privacy, and so on. Money (like it or not) currently makes the world go around. Having very little just about guarantees a lack of power and options, sadly. We felt like we were almost there, with crypto doing well and our Hive income finally reaching a decent level, but... well, you know. Now we're hoping to rebuild, but time feels short. I don't want to be starting over right now.
Interesting story about the lady in Bali! Thanks for sharing that. Too much acid? Hehehe, you may very well be right. Those people are usually relatively harmless, haha.

Totaly know what you mean. Cyrptos will turn around, we may need one more make you want to puke drop in price or not. But I think come november december the prices across the bord will be much higher...just look for the mainstreme news outlets getting all excited about crypto, that will be time to take profits. Notice how quiet they all are now. That is a big tell for how things are rigged to suck the fools in at the top, while the big money gets in low when things are quiet. Time certainly feels lile it is running short, but patience is really the only option in the crypto game at this point. Furthermore I told one of my friends about the big crypto conference in Miami marking a top, and the price dropping from there. Hit that one on the nose. Everything is rigged against the little guy, as soon as you realize that it makes investing far easier.

You could tell it was struggling to make the new high at 69k, and yeah, the media pumping (but now quiet). I remember watching that happen bigtime in 2017, and even to a lesser degree in 2013 with their "what the heck is this new crypto thing?" stories on CNN. Hell, I remember them pumping silver at $40 to $49 in 2011. I was shocked they were finally covering the story I had been covering since $12 in early 2009. Later I realized why... because they knew it was near a top and they were sucking in the dumb money (currency).

I'm glad you still fight and never gave up. Canadians are powerful. Proud of them. Russians are also doing their best, maybe not that open, but I'm part of many telegram groups who are doing their best to protect their freedom ! Keep it up guys, people like you are needed in around the world !

I don’t know if it’s a calm before a storm but we got off pretty lightly in the Uk no vaccine passports, masks never rly got enforced as shops could be fined if someone said the magic words ‘I’m exempt’ and it’s been back to normal for a long time now.

Your PM got sued and had to drop everything really quick several months ago. I was jealous of you guys for a while there... normally you are less free than Canada but for a while you were better off than us.
Now I expect more nonsense either in the fall, or maybe sooner with the Pocks.

Also our police are pretty hopeless and easy touch as none carry guns etc. they said they fined some ppl for getting takeout coffee but I think it was a handful of cases just for press because loads of ppl were going on day trips around the Uk, having parties in houses etc I bumped into like 20 in the lift in my flat with wine bottles in the second lockdown and the spiritual centres were having regular meetups. I don’t think any of the fines ever stuck when contested. I rly feel for ppl in countries where the police are like gestapo. People talk back to ours all the time.

This is a good example.
Haven’t watched this actual video but this guy makes it his job to film police stations then put them in their place if they tell him off. He’s successfully sued the police for several thousand for falsely searching him too

I was so happy with Boris breaking all the rules I think it was mostly cause of that they just had to drop everything here. He actually wanted to do herd immunity from beginning like Sweden but our stupid country kicked up a fuss. It was actually the people pushing for restrictions at the beginning. Our first lockdown was easy cause it was summer and the police rly couldn’t remotely control anything but the second lockdown did really suck and dragged forever and since it was winter and you couldn’t just go outside and everywhere was closed it rly was pretty dire. It’s all been worse for me too as I met my bf over the lockdown online and he lives in America he has come here, then we went to mexico to meet but I still can’t go to him as America refuses to drop their vaccine status it seems. At some point we closed our flights too.

Wow, what a mess eh?
Hopefully sanity returns and you can be together and normal soon.
I feel like we have lost 2+ years of our lives here. Most of society is very fragile and unwell, just barely hanging on. Of course it has taken generations to dumb down and poison our once strong people... now we are weak and ignorant and helpless for the most part. Seems like the globalists have more plans for us all, so be as ready as you can for whatever might be next!

My friend acruallt had just got pr to Canada and she got out on one of the last flights for none vaccinated and has spent almost a year in Uk/ travelling mexico and is looking to go back now. It defo got hair raising there for a while it actually seems it’s relaxing quicker than USA now tho

Still quite hard doing lockdowns in cold countries tho I’m sure if yoh can just pop to the beach every day it’s a lot easier to do a lockdown.

I mean here if you didnt want to follow the rules it was very easy to just ignore them but very tough for freelancers. I myself didn’t get one photography job at all over the lockdown, I even had one wedding get postponed about 3 times, hence me walking away from hive at that time was really a big moral decision for me because I could not support seeing that kind of behaviour at any cost. Mentality wise it shifted to begin with people were like mini Nazis and actually pushed our pm to give us more rules then at some point if switched and if you read the comments on our national news paper they were mostly about wanting it to end, being against the vaccine passports and even a lot supporting the more ‘conspiracy theory’ narrative.

Makes sense because it IS a conspiracy :)
A conspiracy is a secret plot. One of the major crimes in the justice system is committing conspiracy. The CIA created the term "conspiracy theorist" to discredit anyone who looks into their evil activities. The Covid narrative was pre-planned and therefore a conspiracy.
It's so amazing how a few people actually beg for less freedom. They really believe that giving up their rights will make them safer. Luckily it's just a minority of people... although the mainstream media loves to cover stories about those people because it fits the agenda and encourages others to join in.

I reckon the user base of blurt is 80 percent none vaccinated tbh

Super cute pic! I'm going to take these photos for thumbnails for my Canadian vaxx-injury tally updates.

FUCK THE NOW AGENDA! Stay vigilant as they try and push the WHO/NWO treaty to give power over countries while in pandemic mode. I RESPECT you coming here to BLURT to blog and help us continue to take part in FREE SPEECH FEAR FREE! #LetsGrowBlurt