Covid is killing less people than choke to death on hotdogs

in freedom •  12 days ago 

Legacy/mainstream/corporate/state media has been avoiding Covid like the plague recently, after 2 years of nonstop in-your-face 24/7 programming and disinformation. Even my own reporting on the topic has been minimal for weeks now. The main reason? Covid is no longer a threat - if it ever was.

This is the latest official data on worldwide deaths of people with Covid-19. It doesn't take a brilliant chart analyst to tell the story. Even with all the techniques now being used to jack up the death count, it's lower than it has been since the very start! Whatever Covid is, or was, it's not a threat to individuals nor to healthcare systems.

The mandates and restrictions must end. We're through it. The emergency is passed. I hear "I won't forget what they did", and I agree with that sentiment. I won't forget either.

But I'll take it a step further.

How COULD I forget, when IT'S STILL HAPPENING TO MILLIONS OF CANADIANS and others around the world? My wife and I still can't travel by plane, boat, or bus - within our own country! And since both of us are unable to drive, that leaves us with almost no options for transportation, unless we accept dangerous injections. We are literally second-class citizens. My 2.5 year old son has grown up completely within lockdowns and segregation, and my daughter was just born into the thick of it. This has directly and dramatically reduced our quality of life.

So yeah, I haven't forgotten... because I'm still going through it.

Covid is over, but the tyranny globalist powers unleashed upon us rages on.

The truckers were right - and for that, they got beaten, censored, jailed, and had their bank accounts and trucks seized. But they were 100% correct with their demand - END ALL COVID MANDATES!


PS: Hotdogs, wieners, and sausages are a massive choking hazard. I don't actually know how many people they kill per year, but it's a lot. So take the title with a grain of salt. But not a salty wiener.

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Hey! My television told me to be very afraid. I'm currently tying a plastic bag over my head, double masked and quadruple vaxed just is not enough.......Okaaaaay!!!!


That thumbnail, wow.
Looks like it's ready to choke on a hotdog.

better still, eradicate the elitescum psychos.
They are the disease - and it's jumping species from pigs to sheep.

And a big thanks to @blurtyield for supporting my commenters.

More people die from choking on government dick than COVID each year guaranteed. It's proven and everything!