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It was a beautiful Saturday morning over here. The weather is not too hot nor too cold, the weather seems to be cool, unlike the past days.

Most of the boys are in their training kits because they've been instructed to wear them to the training every Saturday. The soccer training starts with jugging as usual. We are also planning to go on a road jog but we haven't fixed a date for that, prolly when the boys are on school holidays.

After jogging for thirty (30) minutes non-stop, they moved to the next session on cone exercises. Cone exercises or warm-up is where cones are arranged on the pitch and the players do exercises with them like forward and backward zig-zag, in and out…

The picture captured here is when the boys are exercising forward zig-zag. After this, the boys did many exercises like push-up, sit-up, backing, and hop.

After fishing that part. Man in The Middle (MITM) is the next drill they moved to. MITM requires players to form a circle and put one or multiple players in the middle. The player in the middle will try to touch the ball with their leg when the players in the circle pass the ball around them.

The picture below shows the boys practicing heading by playing free-kick from the side or corner kick and try to head the ball into the goal post.

After sufficient exercises and drills, the boys then play aside of 5 vs 5 and it was an interesting aside training with the tiki-taka pattern.


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