Strawberries from down under 🍓

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Strawberries are among the few fruits that are considered Keto. Strawberries are also among the most disappointing fruit to taste for the first time. It's not their fault really, it's because most strawberries are eaten the wrong way - off season or after having been flown across from the other side of the planet.

Strawberries are off season in the Northern Hemisphere, so these ones, since they weren't frozen, have come from either New Zealand, Australia or South America. They would then have been kept in a warehouse of sorts before being distributed to the supermarkets, from whence they finally arrive on my table. These are truly world travellers.

You can imagine then why the taste isn't quite as expected. They've kept their beautiful appearance, but since they were plucked, it was a race against time really. You've never had strawberries until you've eaten them off the stem (i.e, plucked by yourself and eaten directly). Then they are as delicious, if not more, than any other fruit. 🍓

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If they came from Australia I guess they had their boosters haha